Afro Samurai


Blades, beats and badass come together with Samuel L. Jackson and a star-studded cast in the new action series, Afro Samurai. Coming to DVD from Madman this August.

MELBOURNE, Friday, 25 May 2007 — In the tradition of The Animatrix and Spirited Away; the action-packed, big budget Afro Samurai merges the impeccable animation of Studio Gonzo with the Hollywood star power of none other than SAMUEL L. JACKSON!

In a futuristic, feudal Japan, Afro Samurai is a wandering black samurai with one goal: to exact bloody revenge for his father's death from a man called Justice, also the ‘number one’ fighter in world. But it won't be that easy. As the story begins, Afro has already fought his way through insurmountable odds to reach ‘number two’. Now, encumbered with the privilege to challenge ‘number one’, Afro has a long way to go before he can confront Justice and will need fend off a lethal and relentless onslaught of bounty hunters, bar thugs and mad monks who covet his title.

With his sidekick Ninja Ninja in tow, and a killer hip-hop soundtrack, Afro cuts a visceral path of revenge everywhere he roams. Swords, guns and cell phones meet attitude, headbands and arse kicking hair in Afro Samurai — What more could you want?

Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Star Wars) brings his trademark edgy attitude to the main characters, Afro Samurai and Ninja Ninja — and is also onboard as executive producer of the series! Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as Justice and Kelly Hu (X-Men 2 — Lady Deathstrike) as Okiku and anime voice veteran, Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto) as Kuma — complete an all-star cast in this ultra-slick, uber-stylish new series!

Making its U.S. television debut on Spike TV (Jan 2007), the first episode of Afro Samurai attracted a mammoth 1.6 million viewers. Australian MTV viewers should keep their eyes peeled for Afro Samurai's series debut in August.

Hip-Hop and beat junkies will relish Afro Samurai's OST, composed and performed by Wu Tang Clan's RZA and featuring guest appearances from Big Daddy Kane, GZA, Q-Tip and more. RZA is synonymous with hip-hop in action cinema — having penned tracks and compositions previously for the Ghost Dog and Kill Bill OSTs.

The Afro Samurai CD Soundtrack is available now from Shock Records.

The Afro Samurai (Director's Cut) DVD will be available from Madman in August, 2007

Afro Samurai is the definition of action-packed!”

“An adrenaline rush…”

“The animation is eye-poppingly gorgeous, the music is intense and the action is totally off the hook”
- Anime News Network

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