Scion "Descends" into the Anime World with $500 Anime T-shirt Contest

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July 16, 2007
Springfield, Virginia

There is no more befitting a word than "descending" (which just so happens to be the definition of scion) to describe Scion as it begins its new campaign to work closer within the Anime world on August 11th at the Akiba Fest J-Pop Summer Concert Bash in Springfield, Virginia. Working directly with TenBu Productions, a Springfield, Virginia based Japanese Entertainment Company; Scion will be sponsoring an Anime T-shirt contest that will allow anime fans to show Scion, as well as the entire Anime and Otaku community, what moves them. Scion is excited to hear from the fans perspective what Anime is all about. Scion hopes this contest will achieve the goal of presenting the Anime world's point of view to them.

TenBu Productions has jumped at the opportunity to work with Scion because they feel that Scion is a good fit for the anime crowd. Three of the company's exec's purchased Scion's for the purpose of traveling to and from conventions and they've come to believe that these vehicles are the perfect form of transportation for Anime related events. They are extremely eye catching and very useful for transporting friends and hauling luggage across the U.S.

In August, TenBu Productions will be working with Scion to host the Akiba Fest J-Pop Summer Concert Bash, which will be the second event they have presented in part with Scion. Scion has become more involved with their events and is eager to continue to work with and learn more about the Anime community. Many of Scion's employees are Anime watchers and it was Scion that actually developed the idea for the T-shirt contest.

Submissions are being taken immediately and the winner will receive $500, recognition through Scion and TenBu's websites, as well as in magazines such as Otaku USA, and of course have their winning artwork be the logo for Scion's new T-shirt.

If that isn't enough, TenBu says this is only the beginning. They are working diligently with Scion to plan bigger and better things for the future.

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