Funimation Entertainment Acquires FLCL from Production I.G.

Flower Mound, Texas (January 6, 2010) - FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it has acquired home entertainment and digital rights to the six OVA sci-fi comedy anime series “FLCL” from Production I.G. “FLCL” is the hugely popular OVA series from powerhouse partners Production I.G. (“Ghost in the Shell,” “Tsubasa”), Gainax (“Evangelion” series), and Starchild (“The Slayers” movies). It is directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki.

Bored with his mundane middle school life, Naota longed for a change from his daily grind. However his life completely changes after a pink haired stranger on a Vespa runs him over. Weird things happen when he is around the mysterious girl known as Haruko. Now not only must Naota deal with regular teenage troubles, but also with this new enigmatic woman.

FUNimation Entertainment will release all six OVA'S on one DVD set and on Blu-ray disc in late 2010.

About FUNimation Entertainment
FUNimation® Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, is the leading company for Japanese animation in the United States. FUNimation is known for acquiring top-rated anime series from Japan and for being the market share leader for home video sales of anime in the United States. The company has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands, and manages a full spectrum of rights for most of its brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, internet, and home video sales and distribution.

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