Hanabee Entertainment Licenses No Game No Life

Hanabee Entertainment Licenses No Game No Life


  • No Game No Life originated from a light novel that was then adapted to a manga. The anime premiered April 9 2014 in Japan.
  • Madhouse Animation Studio (BTOOOM!).
  • On Demand in Australia via www.hanabee.com.au


As urban legend would have it, siblings Sora and Shiro are gods amongst their fellow man when it comes to the gaming world. Blazing hot on the internet, their reputation precedes them as this bright brother and sister duo have made quite the name for themselves as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers. Of course, they both question their happiness in the real world only to discover that there is a parallel world where everything is decided by a game. Homebound hermits, withdrawn from life, they are summoned to a fantasy world by a boy calling himself “God.” In this world, all armed conflict and violence have been banned and the races must resolve their disagreements through gaming. Now, the siblings find themselves as the would-be saviors of the human race. Will this dynamic duo be brilliant enough in this game world to be the salvation of all humanity? The deck might be stacked against them, but Shiro and Sora are determined to duel till the end in NO LIFE NO GAME! – Sentai Filmworks


Screening on demand at www.hanabee.com.au, scheduled for home release in 2014.

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