B-Daman Crossfire Trading Card Game Deal Signed

16th June, 2014
d-rights Inc. (Tokyo) and SUNRIGHTS INC. (New York) have signed a deal with BOTI Global Ltd (Hong Kong) to develop and produce a trading card game based on the popular animated series B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE and B-DAMAN FIREBLAST.

Since first being shown on Spain's NeoxKidz in June of 2013, B-DAMAN CROSSFIRE has been broadcast in over 10 countries throughout Europe and North America. It has gained great popularity along with the associated toys made by Hasbro.

B-DAMAN FIREBLAST continues the CROSSFIRE series and has already been released in Asia. It is scheduled for television broadcast in Europe in the fall of 2014.
The release of the trading card game is expected to increase B-DAMAN's popularity even further.

The B-DAMAN animated series is based on a toy line that Tomy Company, Ltd. has been producing since 1993. Up to now series has been shown in over 30 countries. B-DAMAN FIREBLAST (“Cross Fight B-Daman eS” in Japan) is the newest series.
26, 30 minute episodes.
Target audience: 6 - 11 year old boys
Production Studio: Synergy SP
Web site (Americas & Europe) www.bdamanbattles.com
Facebook page (Americas & Europe) www.facebook.com/bdamanbattles

About d-rights
Owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, d-rights is known for producing animation brands for boys that are popular around the world, such as the Beyblade series, B-Daman series, and Scan2Go series. d-rights furnishes every part of content creation, including product marketing and related animation production, rights management, finance, and licensing. Over 50 of their animation titles have been shown internationally. In the Japanese market, d-rights fully produces content-related products for sale in convenience stores from the planning stage to manufacturing, sales, and promotion. They also hold the license for Japan's professional basketball league, the “BJ League.” Additionally, they operate a content rights management system called “Media Asset Management (MAM).”
Homepage: www.d-rights.com

Sunrights Inc., is the entertainment division of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), and is the sister company of d-rights Inc. of Tokyo. The division is Manhattan, New York based with affiliates in London and Toronto, and is charged with managing ex-Asia rights businesses. Sunrights distributes new content for d-rights outside of Asia, and is also supports other Mitsubishi divisions and affiliates in licensing and new business development.

About BOTI Global Ltd.
BOTI International Ltd is a Hong Kong based toy company formed by BHBB LTD and The Goodmark Group in September 2012. The company is dedicated to the development and worldwide (FOB) distribution of innovative entertaining toys for kids around the world.
Homepage: http://bot-i.com/EN/

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