Anime Revolution Announces Japanese Voice Actor Megumi Ogata

VANCOUVER, BC, July 28, 2014 - Anime Revolution proudly presents voice actor Megumi Ogata to attend AniRevo2014.

Debuting in the anime “Yū Yū Hakusho” as Kurama, Megumi Ogata gained popularity and experience as a voice actress amid the 1990s voice actor boom. With her role as Shinji Ikari in the extremely successful “Neon Genesis Evangelion” franchise, her name became well known among anime fans and even non-anime fans.

Voicing male and female roles of a wide range of ages in many genres, Ogata is most well known for voicing handsome young male characters, such as Kurama in “Yū Yū Hakusho,” and she has helped to carve out new territories for voice actresses.

She is also a successful radio personality with her good-humoured and frank character. One of her first hit shows, “Ogata Megumi no Ginga ni Hoero!” (“Megumi Ogata's Shout Out to the Galaxy!”) received an astounding 2000+ letters to the show in one week, and has been hailed as legendary. Additionally, in NHK's “AniSon Zanmai” (“Anime Songs Galore”) series, she has been requested over 130,000 times, and during one episode hosted by Ogata, the show's hashtag was the world's most popular on Twitter at the time. Ogata has also been involved in Internet radio shows for many years.

Growing up in a musical household, Ogata is also musically talented. Her talents as a musician bloomed with her CD debut. At first, she was more of an idol singer, but after transferring labels to Lantis in 1999, her musical career became more full-fledged. With a vocal range of over 3 octaves, performances with her powerful and soulful singing and her band have achieved an established reputation.

In addition to performing her original rock music, Ogata also performs cover songs from famous anime she has been in. She has performed many shows in Japan and in recent years, has also performed overseas.

[Anime Roles]

Yū Yū Hakusho” – Kurama

Sailor Moon” – Sailor Uranus / Haruka Tenou

Neon Genesis Evangelion” – Shinji Ikari

Angel Beats!” – Ayato Naoi

“BLEACH” – Tier Halibel

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (“Love, Election and Chocolate”) – Oboro Yumeshima

Medaka Box Abnormal” – Misogi Kumagawa

Danganronpa The Animation” – Makoto Naegi

Tokyo ESP” – Ayumu Ohzora

Hamatora” – Momoka

Hitsugi no Chaika” (“Chaika – The Coffin Princess”) – Ricardo Gavanni

[Other Works]

“Desire – Kibou-” – Original album

“Ogata Megumi no Seiten Hekireki” – Live radio talk show

“Kyou wa Ichinichi ‘AniSong’ Zanmai” Series – Radio show

ABOUT ANIME REVOLUTION: aka AniRevo will take place August 22-24 2014. AniRevo ( is an annual Japanese Anime Convention held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Aiming to spread love and appreciation for Anime and Japanese Culture, we celebrate and partake in cultural exchange over three fun-filled days of activities, exhibits, panels, and performances. These include art, animation, comics, contests, costuming, cultural displays, dance, gaming, musical performances, and much more. This exciting annual event is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre!

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