MangaGamer Announces Three Titles and a Market-Changing Project at Otakon

August 8th, 2014--Today, we at MangaGamer are proud to announce several new titles and a grand project!

Chou Dengeki Stryker
First of all, we're proud to announce that we're planning to adapt Chou Dengeki Stryker for release on steam!

The only difference between the original version of Chou Dengeki and the Steam version will be the removal of all H-scenes, so those of you who already own Chou Dengeki Stryker won't need to buy it again. Likewise, the hard-copy version of Chou Dengeki Stryker still slated for release in September will be the original, adult version of the game. We're currently looking into options for a potential Limited Edition release, so follow us on twitter to stay up to date on news!

Next, we are proud to announce euphoria from CLOCK-UP!

We've already received a lot of interest from our fans in this psychological thriller, and we're proud to bring it to you! Waking up in a stark white room, with nothing but your clothes and collar around your neck. The door beeps, opens, and you have seconds to decide whether to move on or not.

As you enter the new room, you six other girls--girls you know--and a computerized voice begins to explain the little 'game' you're all about to be forced to play. When one girl refuses to comply, you all reawaken just in time to watch her be murdered before your eyes.

"Withdrawal from the game will result in death," the electronic voice states, coldly, mechanically, with no hint of emotion. Your only choice in order to survive is to choose from the girls presented before you--and violate them. Failure means death. Forfeit means death.

Can you escape this torturous 'game' with your sanity intact? What awaits after this torturous trial?

We will be releasing the HD remastered version of the game, which ups the resolution from its original 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768. We will also be releasing Euphoria fully uncensored: no cut scenes or mosaics covering the goods here! The game will, of course, retain its original Japanese voice acting, but all text and in-game menus will be in English.

The House in Fata Morgana
Next up, we're proud to announce our acquisition of The House in Fata Morgana by Novectacle!

The House in Fata is a full-length visual novel that deals with tragedy, human deeds and insanity. Since released in 2012, news of the game has been gradually spread by word of mouth, but now has gotten featured on various overseas media.

The further you go with the story the more unpredictable the story becomes, with beautiful artworks in a gothic heavy atmosphere, and with 65 tracks composed by 5 energetic composers to draw you into the game. We hope you'll enjoy our 4 years of hard work and development.

We hope this is a game all of our fans will be able to enjoy, especially those who loved Animamundi! This game will be all-ages, and we'll also be attempting to release it on Steam as well.

Last but not least, we're proud to announce a very grand scheme from our partners at minori which could mark a brand new page on the market for Visual Novels both in Japan and in the West!

The plan starts out very simple, with our acquisition and license of eden* for localization! We will be releasing two versions of eden*: "eden*" and "eden* plus mosaic". eden* itself is all-ages, however eden* plus mosaic will contain all of eden* along with additional adult content (sex scenes), as well a bit more blood in some scenes.

eden* is a tale set just before the apocalypse, after most of humanity has been evacuated to outer space. One of the few soldiers left on Earth, the expert sniper Ryou is assigned to a remote research facility to guard the most important person on a dying Earth. She is the engineer behind the spaceships that saved humanity, a genetically modified breed of human that possesses incredible intelligence: The supreme felix, Sion.

At this odd research facility, Ryou will encounter a polite, if at times suggestive maid, an outspoken and beautiful partner who -loves- using knives, and a major who he would just as soon kill due to their tragic past. What awaits Ryou in this place?

Supipara Development Plan
However, that's not all! Here's where the grand scheme starts to take flight! We're planning to release eden* on Steam, with the goal of earning $100,000 in profit. What's this goal for you ask? The localization of Supipara!

That's right! All profits from eden* will go directly into localizing Supipara for English release! Supipara - Alice the Magical Conductor. is an interactive novel themed around "dynamicism" depicted by rallying all of the production techniques minori has accumulated to date. Character portraits have expressions and hair that move, show gestures such as turning around, and even display subtle changes in emotion, making it feel like you're actually talking to the characters!

The protagonist, Yukinari Sanada, has returned to his hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura City, for the first time in seven years, and is greeted by his older cousin, Sakura Narumi (complete with maid outfit). He wanted to live in peace, but his life at the academy placed on the coastlands becomes bustling and brilliant while surrounded by the a lineup of members with booming personalities like Hotaru Amano, the sharp tongued, half-Japanese beauty, and Alice Kamishiro, the lazy witch who loves modern-science and mail-orders.

Eventually, our protagonist is coaxed into joining the action committee for the academy's traditional beauty contest by his close friend. He interacts with the heroines participating in this contest who are cute but each have an idiocyncrasy or two. Fun events (with their own difficulties) pop up again and again. Your story with "her" about smiles, peace, passion, and love, all while borrowing the power of a witch, is about to begin!

Many devoted minori fans may recall that Supipara was a grand project minori sought to create and expand over the course of several chapters, but failed to continue due to insufficient sales in Japan. Well, Western Visual Novel fans, this is your time to shine! Your time to prove to Japan that there is a strong market for Visual Novels here in the West! And your chance to revolutionize the industry!

Once we manage to release Supipara's first chapter on our site as well as Steam, all the profits from both eden* and Supipara will be directed straight into funding the development of the continuation of Supipara!

That's not all though, Western Visual Novel fans! If this plan succeeds--if you fans show enough support by buying both products and funding the development of Supipara's missing chapters--minori has promised that they will work with us to see those chapters of Supipara released here in the West FIRST! BEFORE JAPAN!

That's right! If this succeeds, Western Visual Novel fans will see the first ever Visual Novel to be developed by a Japanese company and released here in the West, FIRST, before it's released in Japan!

So come on, fellow Visual Novel fans, let's join together and show the world! Let's bring a new era to this industry! Together!

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