Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version

28th August 2014, Tokyo, Japan - ART OF WAR latest Berserk Figure "Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version" released on August 23rd.
The idea for “Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version” design comes from Berserk Volume 9, “The Knight of Skeleton” Chapter. The original illustration is a symbolic image of Skull Knight, the most mysterious character who appears in the dark forest for the first time, and gives Guts a prophecy about the "Eclipse".
The Rose & Thorn, and Beherit in skull head are pointing out the two most prominent features of Skull Knight, and ART OF WAR materialized the image into a three-dimensional art statue.
Crack lines on the skull head are painted like a real skeleton. The thorn is painted with both dry wood and silver metal image. The rose is painted in antique purple color. Colors are used carefully to enhance the mysterious feelings of Skull Knight, and to express his longevity and nobility.
“Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version” has two different versions. Red Doll Eye Version & Brown Doll Eye Version, each edtion is limited to 50 pieces all over the world. Items are estimated to be released in December 2014.

Skull Knight & Beherit *2014 Version........................................................... Approx. $433

Link to ART OF WAR homepage: © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/Hakusensha

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