Hanabee To Release AKB0048 Complete Collection in February


It's time or a music revolution as AKB0048 Complete Collection is being released in Australia and New Zealand by Hanabee Entertainment. You can get the DVD Box Set in on March 4th 2015.


RELEASE DATE:4/03/2015
SRP – $79.99 (DVD)
  • Anime based on the popular band AKB48
  • Pre-orders available January
  • DVD Release only
  • One of Hanabee's most popular YouTube Videos to date


There's nothing like music and art to “disturb the heart” and so it was banned in this dystopian society controlled by the anti-music DES. The year is 0048 and one group of brave young women are out to rebel against this law by resurrecting a long forgotten J-Pop band called AKB48.

The newly dubbed AKB0048 are out to bring music back in the world and they'll do everything in their power to make it happen. Armed with not only their voice and dance moves but also weapons and battle gear, these girls are a force to be reckoned with.

So watch out, as these girls will lay their life on their line to defend their right to share their music with the world.


  • Includes all 26 episodes.
  • To be released in DVD format only.
  • Dual language – English dub & Original Japanese audio.
  • Includes Clean Opening / Closing Animation & Japanese Promo.

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