Fakku Publishing Hanafuda by Japanese Illustrator Okama

Portland, OR, February 3rd, 2015 – Today FAKKU announced that it will be publishing Hanafuda by renowned Japanese illustrator Okama. Hanafuda is widely recognized as “one of the most beautiful hentai manga published in Japan” and has been sought after by publishers around the world since its publication in 2002. Like all FAKKU releases, Hanafuda will be entirely uncensored using the original artwork from the artist (before the Japanese censorship was applied). For the worldwide release of Hanafuda, Okama created a re-mastered edition by updating artwork throughout the entire book. Hanafuda is available for pre-order today at $9.95 and launches on April 16th, 2015.

About Hanafuda

Hanafuda tells the supernatural tale of Izuna, a noble turned demon hunter, travelling across Japan to slay the oni that stole the life of his beloved Lady Kiri. Izuna encounters a young fox that possesses the ability to shapeshift and the duo journey together to exact revenge on the oni. Hanafuda, or "flower cards", is a Japanese card game where each suit of cards represents a month and flower. Like the game, each chapter in Hanafuda corresponds to a different suit.

About Okama

Okama is a legendary Japanese illustrator and has been published in magazines such as Ultra Jump and Monthly Dragon Age. He is credited with contributing to the Rebuild of Evangelion, ROBOT, Diebuster, Symphogear, Captain Earth, No More Heroes, and many more anime and manga series.


FAKKU is the largest hentai website in the United States and last year began publishing hentai manga under its manga imprint FAKKU Books. To date FAKKU has released five books: Renai Sample by Homunculus, PuniKano by pyon-Kti, Welcome to Tokoharu Apartments by Kisaragi Gunma, Alluring Woman by Cuvie, and Peachy-Butt Girls by Bosshi.



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