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Kagerou Project Exhibition Comes to NYC & NJ

“KAGEROU PROJECT EXHBITION” goes to Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC & New Jersey (May 1st - May 17th )!

Following up the successful opening in Seattle, Kinokuniya Bookstore New York and New Jersey will host the “KAGEROU PROJECT EXHIBITION” between May 1 st and May 17th! Celebrating the newest installment of the novel, KAGEROU DAZE VI” by JIN; the release of special soundtrack boxset titled “MEKAKUCITY M's” from “MEKAKUCITY ACTORS”, (the anime adoption of KAGEROU PROJECT); and “.dsd –SIDU Illustration Works 2011-2015”, the first art book by SHIDU, Kinokuniya New York and New Jersey will showcase rare and outstanding work by SHIDU, the original character creator of KAGEROU PROJECT. Both stores will also set up a special booth for the latest merchandizes, and the New York Store will invite fans to the exclusive concert movie screening on May 2 nd (6pm) at the event space on the second floor. It will be a sequel to the previous session held last December. It will include unseen KAGEROU PROJECT live concert footages as well as the most recent IA performance on Nico Nico Live.

“KAGEROU PROJECT EXHIBITION” will also hit other Kinokuniya Books Stores in North America including Chicago (5/9-24), San Francisco (6/1-17), and also the new Santa Monica store (7/1-15)! Please stay tuned for more updates!

  • WHAT: “KAGEROU PROJECT EXHIBITION” Special Art Exhibition by the illustrator, SHIDU who created original KAGEROU PROJECT characters
  • WHERE/WHEN: Kinokuniya Book Store New York
    1073 Avenue of the Americas (Between 40th & 41st St)
    New York, NY 10018 (map/directions)
    Phone: 212-869-1700/ Fax: 212-869-1703
    [email protected]Kinokuniya.com
    Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00AM - 8:00PM, Sun 11:00AM - 7:30PM

    Kinokuniya Book Store New Jersey
    Mitsuwa Marketplace
    595 River Rd. #106
    Edgewater, NJ, 07020 (map/directions)
    Phone: 201-496-6910/ Fax: 201-221-7707
    [email protected]Kinokuniya.com
    Hours: Daily 10:00AM - 8:00PM
    May 1st – May 17th 2015


  • ALSO: Concert Movie Screening for IA/KAGEROU PROJECT @Kinokuniya New York (May 2 nd 6pm /2nd floor event space)


KAGEROU PROJECT is a story-driven multi-media project created by musician/novelist JIN and illustrator SHIDU. The original story is a type of ensemble performance based on different characters who have super human abilities using their “EYES”. They group together, and solve problems and mysteries. The story slowly unfolds itself in sync with music, novels, manga, and other media, and it created whole new genre of Media Mix in Japan and beyond. KAGEROU PROJECT became a phenomenon supported by today's teenagers and their videos have reached more than 100,000,000 plays so far!

About IA
IA is a virtual singer brought to life on January 27, 2012 as a part of the VOCALOID™3 Library. The transparent and long sustained high notes are her best known characteristics as well as the versatilities of covering the overdrive rock tunes to the hyper rhythmic dance ensembles. In 2012, IA released her collaboration single with JIN and started her artist career by embarking her first live tour at Zepp Divercity. The two consecutive years from 2013, IA also became the image character for “SUPER GT”, Japan's biggest motorsports today, and sang official theme songs. Furthermore, IA made dance music collaboration with “GROOVE COASTER”, the successful video game/game app around the world, as well as releasing fashion items with the internationally well-known apparel brands IA made another contribution to “Otsukimi Recital”, the featured track in the hit anime series, MEKAKUCITY ACTORS, and she was also included in the special CD for Evangelion Comic - Final Chapter, which many fans were waiting for. Since 2013, IA has become active worldwide by making successful live performances in France and Taiwan, as well as being featured in the acclaimed concert movie premiere at America's biggest pop culture convention, NY Comic Con 2014, followed by encore screenings in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In January 2015, IA appeared as AR for live performance at her 3rd year anniversary event in Tokyo. It was stream-casted over 47,000 devoted live viewers. On June 25th, the long waited music game, “IA/VT ‒ COLORFUL-“for PlayStation(R) will be released. All eyes are on IA for what's coming next! »» VOCALOID™ is a registered trademark of the Yamaha Corporation.

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