Japanese Entertainment Properties Coming to the U.S.

High Level Showcase Event Provides an Exclusive First Look at the Hottest Japanese IP to Industry Decision Makers and Power Brokers Looking for New Branded Franchises

Inaugural Event Set For March 3rd in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – January 22, 2016 – Hollywood can begin bracing for a distinctively Japanese event like no other. For the first time, an exclusive Japanese IP showcase event will be staged in Los Angeles for Hollywood's top decision makers and power brokers across movies, TV, digital and gaming arenas. Dubbed J-CREATION: A FIRST LOOK SHOWCASE, the event will take place on Thursday, March 3rd 2016 at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

Hollywood is perpetually on the hunt for two valuable things – fresh ideas and brandable franchises. In this matchmaking event, popular Japanese IP will be explored with an eye toward launching the next big property to hit various screens. Through the years, Japan has provided the source material for some of Hollywood's most exciting film and television success stories, and J-Creation: A First Look Showcase will be the new gateway for the next generation of hits based on the hottest Japanese IP.

The lively, invite-only event will have the look and feel of an awards show – complete with MC, multiple presenters and a themed after party.

Amuse Group USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's Amuse Inc., is the lead founder, producer and organizer of the event. Burbank-based Bang Zoom! Entertainment will play a key role in the event, overseeing all creative aspects.

Content rights holders who will be presenting properties at J-Creation: A First Look Showcase include leading Tokyo-based publishing companies Bungeishunjū Ltd., Shogakukan, Inc., Shueisha, Inc., Takarajimasha Inc., all known for their leading manga (Japanese comics) as well as magazines, novels and educational books. Japanese literary management company Cork, Inc. and broadcaster Fuji Television Network, Inc. will also present its IPs. The diverse array of properties will span all genres including Sci-Fi, drama, action, fantasy, mystery, thriller and horror.

J-Creation: A First Look Showcase is set to become an annual must-attend event for Hollywood's leading decision-makers. Studio executives, producers, agents, managers, and a range of creative talent are among the guests at this private one-day event featuring formal presentation and party.

Tatsuro Hatanaka, the president of Amuse Group USA and its Headquaters in Japan said “We know there is tremendous global value in the IP emanating from Japan but there are perceived road blocks that have prevented these from being discovered and exploited on a grand scale. We see this event as an attractive platform for Hollywood and Japan to come together and mutually discover collaborative opportunities that lead to successful films, television series, digital series and games. All the major players will be together under one roof so the possibilities are exciting.”

“From ‘Godzilla’ to ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Japanese content rights holders have long offered some of the hottest story and character ideas that have created monumental box office successes and iconic cultural concepts that endure across the generations,” said Hiroko Stanhope, Vice President of Amuse Group USA. “History has shown that several Japanese IPs brought overseas were successfully produced as Hollywood/international projects, and are still loved by many. Yet there are still misconceptions about perceived challenges in getting the film rights or remake rights for Japanese IPs. We aim to remove those obstacles and raise the probability of successful international business, and will be bringing Japanese IP holders to this matching event that have positive attitudes towards Hollywood adaptations and remakes of their content.”


Established in 1978, Amuse, Inc. is one of Japan's largest entertainment production companies and provides management services for Japan's top artists, including the Southern All Stars, Masaharu Fukuyama, PornoGraffitti, Perfume, BABYMETAL, ONE OK ROCK. Amuse, Inc. has a total of fifteen (16) subsidiaries and affiliates, eight of which as located in the USA, Shanghai, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and France. For the fiscal year ending March 2015, Amuse Japan's sales were 39,208 billion yen.


Established in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Amuse, Inc., Amuse Group USA has as its main objective the growing of its content business internationally. Its investment in the Canadian TV series “The Pinkertons” in 2014 was the start of its development of several projects and business opportunities. Amuse Group USA's team works in both the Japanese and North American markets, utilizing its extensive contacts to bring Hollywood power players to the table with Japanese content holders. Amuse Group USA also conducts business in the music industry, discovering and managing talent, operating in event planning and production coordination, and providing promotional support for Amuse artists in the USA and Europe.

For more information please visit http://www.amusegroupusa.com/


Bang Zoom! Entertainment is an award-winning post production and Creative Production company of over 20 years, based in Burbank, California. Bang Zoom! Entertainment produces high quality projects in a cutting edge facility offering a family-like environment including craft and concierge amenities. Premium services include voice casting, award-winning audio engineers, voice directors and sound designers who create richly textured sound effects; script writers, producers and project coordinators as well as localization expertise.

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