TakaOtacraft Committee Will Attend Anime Expo

June 25th, 2016 - TakaOtacraft will attend one of world's signature anime conventions, Anime Expo 2016. At this exhibit, TakaOtacraft will be exhibiting traditional craft art themed with P.A.WORKS' newest animation series “Kuromukuro.”

Items To Be On Display
-“Kuromukuro” craft items prepared with Japanese traditional craft art.
-Card holder and art strip created with Taka Brassworks' engraving skills.
-TakaOtacraft's Past Projects: Gurren Lagann Boys' May Festival Dolls, Godzilla and more.
-Takaoka Brassworks Projects: Samples of Past Projects from Takaoka Brassworks, a member of TakaOtacraft
-Information Panel Display: Describing Takaoka City and about TakaOtacraft.

Exhibit Location:
-Event Name:Anime Expo 2016
-Exhibit Dates:July 1st (Fri.) ~ July 4th (Mon.)
-Booth No:Entertainment Hall (8 West Hall B)

About TakaOtacraft (TakaOta)
Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan possesses the highest standard for casting skills. TakaOtacraft was formed by a group of young craftsmen who love popular culture such as anime, manga, and games. They were established in March 2013. TakaOtacraft has succeeded Takaoka's culture and tradition and has fused together the Otaku culture and traditional craft skills. Since its establishment, TakaOtacraft has created many works such as a wind chime based on the shooting game, “Twinbee,” a bust statue based on the 2014 version of “Godzilla,” and traditional boys' May Festival dolls based on the popular robot anime, “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.”
An engraving craftsman, who used to work at a CG company as a CG designer, loves a wide array of Otaku culture and collects figure and dolls as a hobby. The president of a casting company who keeps an eye out for classic shōjo manga to the newest bishōjo anime. A modelist that is in love with beetles, reptiles, and kaijū. A coloring craftsman and an assembly craftsman who attend all three days of the summer anisong (anime song) festival. The heir to a wood dealer business that is into fictitious war chronicles. A casting craftsman who would take on any hard work to earn money to attend idol anime live concerts and blu-rays. A coloring craftsman who loves a certain magical girl anime. A casting material dealer who loves collecting weird manga and movie t-shirts. A government employee that likes subculture and anime culture. TakaOtacraft is full of unique members.
Each of these members is a professional craftsman that possesses true skill and knowledge in their respective field. With their love for anime, manga, and games, and their skill and wisdom, perhaps… just perhaps, they may be the group of craftsmen that will lead traditional crafts to a new era.

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