MangaGamer Releasing Final Kindred Spirits Drama CD

July 29th, 2016--MangaGamer is Releasing Kyuusei Radio, the final drama CD for Kindred Spirits!

Kyuusei Radio, the final drama CD of the hit title, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, is almost here!

Originally a two-disc release, disc 1 is the drama CD “Kyuusei Radio.” Ichiki Umi, Futano Sasa, and Miyama Nena all safely made it to college after graduating from Shirojo.

The three of them, still best friends as always, end up doing a radio broadcast for a holiday event at their local shopping district. Umi's former broadcasting club blood is boiling, Sasa's got no choice but to play along, and Nena's sleepy. Will they make it through the broadcast?

Disc 2 is the soundtrack and drama “Kindred Spirits Pop Show.”

The soundtrack includes all the BGM used in the game and the opening, ending, and Youka's love song “A. A. Ai!” in their entirety.

And in between tracks, the rooftop group, Enoki Sachi, Nagatani Megumi, and Toomi Yuna, introduce the songs and engage in some nostalgic chatting.

Available for $15.95 on both Steam and MangaGamer, this conclusion to the Kindred Spirits Drama CD set will also feature the Kindred Spirits soundtrack, as well as special backgrounds, system voices, and more.

Available on Steam August 5th, you can pre-order your copy from MangaGamer today for 10% off!

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