'To Be Hero' to be Aired on October 5th (Wed) on Tokyo MX1

When an unheard “Old Guy” becomes a hero and saves the world!
To be aired on October 5th (Wed) on Tokyo MX1 at 18:30

Broadcasting this October, “To Be Hero” is the first original work by the animation brand Haoliners. Supervised by Watanabe Shinichi, this gag anime will sure get to you.
The anime is to be aired on Tokyo MX1 on October 5th (Wed) at 18:30.
The 1st episode of 12 of “To Be Hero” (9min/episode) is to be broadcasted right after the Haoliners Anime “Cheating Craft” (10min/ep). Look Forward to them!

Anime 『TO BE HERO』
Official Website:http://tobe-hero.com
Official Twitter:@to_be_hero / ハッシュタグ:#tobehero
©2016 HAOLINERS/絵梦

Handsome, divorced and with a teen daughter living with him, our hero is a “bad father” who works has a toilet seat designer. One day, as he was in the toilet, he founds himself sucked into the toilet seat and he is given the important task to save the planet.
The price for being a super hero is quite huge: This Good-looking guy is transformed into an Ugly Dude…with Super Power!
To protect the Earth and his daughter Min, his fight is about to begin…

The daughter Min will be voiced by Tsukino Moa (月野もあ) from KAMEN JOSHI !
Who are the next famous voice actors to join the project? Please stay tuned !

Old Guy: Kenjiro Tsuda (津田健次郎)
Min: Tsukino Moa (月野もあ)
Yamada: Maeda Takeshi (前田剛)

Do not miss the Haoliners Anime:
“Hitori no Shita The Outcast”: The Supernatural fighting anime is aired every saturday on Tokyo MX1 at 21:00.

“Cheating Craft”: The Cheating Battle anime will be broadcasted every wednesday from October 5th on Tokyo MX1 at 18:30 just before “To Be Hero”.

What is “Haoliners”?
"Making more and more exciting animation!" is our catchphrase!

The animation's produced at the Shanghai studios all carry the name “Haoliners.”
Currently, nearly 80% of all animation produced in China carry the brand name Haoliners.
The origin of the name Haoliners comes from the founder and director of the Shanghai Haoliners Cultures Media Co., Ltd and director of Haoliners, Li Haoling.
“Hao” meaning “excellence” in Chinese, and “line” representing the image of a something that goes in a straight course. The combination of both can also mean “Hao and his friends” but we prefer the metaphor of a studios aiming for excellence in order to create works that go straight to the heart of people. That is the meaning of Haoliners.
Production made by the Japanese studio EMON will also carry the Haoliners mark.

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