A Friendship Crossing the Border of Life and Death is Coming in This New Fantasy Anime 「Spiritpact」

Chinese Popular Anime finally comes to Japan with a Japanese Version
A Friendship crossing the border of Life and Death is coming in this new fantasy anime「Spiritpact」

To be broadcast on Tokyo MX1 from January 7 th 2017 (Sat) at 21:00

Popular Boys Love (BL) animation coming from China! How do you draw friendship between men?

The original work is a popular web manga serialized in the biggest Asian internet company "Tencent". As of December 2016, it had more than 162 chapters and the cumulative number of visitors for this popular manga is over 2,038.3 million. Haoliners Emon handled the production and the anime already broadcasted in China received a great popularity and was very popular among women fans. This time, for its Japanese broadcast, Spiritpact will receive a full Japanese Version with famous Japanese voice actors

Heir of an old famous family of Exorcist, You Keika is stricken by poverty after losing his parents and he had to struggle as a street fortune teller and as a computer recovery part timer to earn money. One night in a junkyard, he met the mysterious yet charismatic Exorcist, Tanmoku Ki who was fighting an evil spirit. This encounter was the beginning of a fated story for You Keika. Unfortunately for him, he was hit by a car and became a ghost. That's where, the handsome exorcist Tanmoku Ki appeared and asked You Keika to make “a pact” with him to fight Evil Spirits together. Here starts the friendship of our heroes!

■Main Cast
楊敬華 (ヨウ ケイカ) 井口 祐一 Iguchi Yuichi as You Keika
端木煕(タンモク キ) 武内 駿輔 Takeuchi Shusuke as Tanmoku Ki
秦詩瑤(シン シヨウ) 大久保 瑠美 Okubo Rumi as Shin Shiyou

■Opening / Ending Theme
◆Spiritpact Opening Theme【Chinese Version】
Title:无限大 “Mugendai”
Artist:鱼 椒 盐 Yu Jiaoyan
Lyrics : 零兮 Ling Xi
Composition : 钱 襄、沈 辑 Qian Xiang, Shen Ji
Arrangement : 沈辑 、 钱 襄 Shen Ji, Qian Xiang

◆Spiritpact Ending Theme【English version】
Title:「Endless Stories」
Lyrics:金弦 Jin Xuan
Composition:邓 皓 铭 Deng Haoming
Arrangement:邓 皓 铭 Deng Haoming

Take a look at the 1 st trailer of Spiritpact on the youtube channel!
YOUTUBE Link for Trailer:https://youtu.be/B-BO0rBLOno
Official Website Homepage is accessible from December 23rd!
Anime 『Spiritpact』

Official Website:http://www.spiritpact.com
Official Twitter:@spiritpact / Hashtag:#spiritpact
Official Facebook page:facebook.com/spiritpactemon

■ Production Staff
Original:Pingzi (Tencent Anime Series)
Director:Li Haolin
Producer:Tang Yunkang
Screenplay:Torii Reiko(Y2C Works)
Sound Director:Iizuka Koichi
Recording Studio:HALF H・P STUDIO
Sound Producer:Minamizawa Michiyoshi Beppu Kenji
Sound Production Manager:Yoneya Rintaro
Anime Production:Emon

What is “Haoliners”?
"Making more and more exciting animation!" is our catchphrase!

The animation's produced at the Shanghai studios all carry the name “Haoliners.”
Currently, nearly 80% of most popular animation produced in China carry the brand name Haoliners.
The origin of the name Haoliners comes from the founder and director of the Shanghai Haoliners Cultures Media Co., Ltd and director of Haoliners, Li Haoling.
“Hao” meaning “excellence” in Chinese, and “line” representing the image of a something that goes in a straight course. The combination of both can also mean “Hao and his friends” but we prefer the metaphor of a studios aiming for excellence in order to create works that go straight to the heart of people. That is the meaning of Haoliners.
Production made by the Japanese studio EMON will also carry the Haoliners mark.
※The images above are the copyrighted.
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