Henkei Shōjo's 3rd Transforming Girl Anime

DLE, Inc. (CHIYODA CITY, TOKYO, JAPAN TYO: 3686) has released “Henkei Shoujo(変形少女,Transforming Girls)”'s new episode “#04 Nana” on the official website and YouTube.

New episode “Nana” is performed by “Aoi Sola” who is a quite famous actress in not only Japan also Asian countries. Moreover, you can read Aoi Sola's comment about this her first voice performance!

“Henkei Shoujo” has released on Anime Japan and the trailer currently has over 4.5 million views globally. The first episode focuses on “Haru(羽瑠)”, the main character. Haru transforms into a fighter jet while trying to catch a hat blowing away in the wind with voice acting by M・A・O. The 2nd episode features “Rin (りん)” acted by Enako as the voice cast, who is popular as a charismatic cosplayer. This is the first animation which Enako performed voice acting. This 3rd animation focuses “Itsuki(衣月)” acted by Kana Hanazawa, who is one of the most popular voice actress.
You will be able to watch her remarkable transforming by yourself!


■Comment from the actress “Aoi Sola”

- How was your first impression of “Henkei Shoujo”?
Completely out of the world!

- How was your voice recording?
I am really glad to get an opportunity to try voice acting! Actually, this is the first time for me even though I was sometimes recommended to try voice acting because of my low voice. Through recording, I found out acting as an anime character is far from acting on live action.

- Which character do you have a sense of familiarity?
Arisa! She looks like to use bad language and break boring school regulations. In addition, I had on loose socks like her when I was a student.

- Let us know your memory about “school uniform”.
I wanted to wear a sailor suit when I was a student, because my high school uniform was the blazer type. Also, I don't often dress in costume as an anime character, so I would like to try. I want to dress in costume as Itsuki who wears knee-high socks, if possible. Or I would like to put on white costume and blue wig like Nana.

- Message for fans
Please pay attention to how the story will is going on in the future.

■About “Aoi Sola”
- Born in 11th Nov on 1983 in Tokyo.
- Height :155cm / BWH measurements : 90 – 58 - 83
- Hobby : Language(Chinese)
- Official Site:SOLAR POWER(http://aoisola.net/)

Other Voice Actress

【M・A・O / Haru】

- Voice actress, Singer
-Born in 1st Feb ,1992

Character introduction (Haru/羽瑠) and her comment is at website: http://henkeigirls.com/character/haru/#main

【Enako / Rin】

-born January 22, 1994
-Enako is a Japanese professional cosplayer, voice actress and model.
-Henkei Girls is the first animation to act as a voice cast.

Character introduction (Rin/りん) and her comment is at website:

【Kana Hanazawa / Itsuki】

-Voice actress
-Born 25th Feb in Tokyo
-Acted Itsuki on “Henkei Shoujo (Transforming Girls)”.

Character introduction (Itsuki/衣月) and her comment is at website:

■Profile about “Nana”

Age : 17 years old
Height:168 cm
BWH measurements:89 – 60 - 89

■About “Henkei Shoujo (Transforming Girls)”

“Henkei Girls” is a series of CG anime shorts revolving around a world where seemingly ordinary high school girls can “transform” into various vehicles and robots. One of the girls is Haru (the center in left picture) who can turn into a fighter jet. Each episode focuses on a new girl as they get into various situations, and use their shape-shifting gifts in order to get around every day high school life.

■For more information:
The official website : http://www.henkeigirls.com
Twitter : @henkeigirls https://twitter.com/henkeigirls
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/henkeigirls_official/

Episode 1 (Haru): https://youtu.be/HhgiiVddR5c
Episode 2 (Rin): https://youtu.be/MQnOYZ_Glt8
Episode 3 (Itsuki): https://youtu.be/PHAfhxXZJus

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