Television Anime EVIL OR LIVE Will Premiere in October

Depicting the struggles of boys and girls trapped in a Rehabilitation facility for “Net Addiction”, the new TV Series “EVIL OR LIVE” is to be broadcast this Fall 2017.

Sent to a Rehabilitation Facility to treat their addiction to Internet, Young Boys and Girls are unaware of the hellish life that awaits them. EVIL OR LIVE is the anime adaptation of the webmanga “理想禁区” by Li Xiaonan serialized by Tencent. The anime is to be broadcast on Tokyo MX1 every Tuesday from October 10th 01:41am (12episodesX 25mins)


In this modern society, a new kind of “illness” is striking young boys and girls; Loneliness, disbelief and outrage push this generation to get more or more attached to Internet and technologies. The experts called those symptom “Net Addiction”. To prevent that, a certain Rehabilitation Facility has been set up to “Lead the young man back to the right path”. Enrolled to treat is addiction, Hibiki had no idea that this Rehabilition Facility is nothing more than a prison. In this place where it's not permitted to escape, how will Hibiki challenge despair in this hell?

Main Characters / Cast

  • Hibiki 黎響(ヒビキ) 17 Years Old cv: Ueda Shin'ichiro (植田慎一郎)
    Protagonist of this story, he used to be the ace of the track and field club in Junior High School. However, due to a certain circumstance, he got a severe Net Addiction and had to be transferred to the “Elite Retraining School”.

  • Shin 孟進(シン) 17 Years Old cv: Uchiyama Kouki (内山昂輝)
    Mysterious student who receives a special treatment at the "Elite Retraining School".
    Son of rich family, he approached Hibiki as this one was about to jump off the rooftop of the school right after enrolling. He needs Hibiki to carry out his plan.

  • Shiori織(シオリ) 17 Years Old cv: Anzai Chika (安済知佳)
    Student Council President at the Elite Retraining School. She used to be in the same Junior High School as Hibiki. She was very gentle and calm but now her personality has become ruthless.


Original Work:Li Xiaonan (李暁楠)
Manga Editing:An Yangao (安彦高)
Executive Producer:Shantian Gaifan (杉肉盖饭) Mi Chong (米虫)
Director:Dong Yi (董易)
Animation Producer:Zhang Yuan (張縁) Chen Weiwen (陳巍文)
Art Director:Lin Zhengzhe (林正喆)
Animation Production: Emon (絵梦)
Production:TENCENT/EVIL OR LIVE Production Committee

Broadcast Info

From October 10th at 1:41am (Every Tuesdays)

Original Work Info

「理想禁区」by Li Xiaonan (李暁楠)(Tencent Comic)

Music Info

Opening Theme Song
Noemcore(ノームコア)「それでも僕は生きている」 - Being

Official Website


TV Anime『EVIL OR LIVE』Official @evilorlive
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©TENCENT/EVIL OR LIVE Production Committee

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