Art of War Trophy - ZODD *Limited Edition IV* Extra Bloodshed Ver.

September 19th, 2017

ART OF WAR latest Berserk Figure “Trophy-ZODD*Limited Edition IV*Extra Bloodshed Version
“released on September 19th, 2017!!!

The latest repainting version of “Trophy” is developed with the theme of fear.
The blood drops is all over the teeth, horn part and the back base like the image of blood as rain.
The tusk, horn and the background's base is reproduced with the blood as bloodshed form. The
blood is poured down and scattering of the blood looks quite natural, where each parts looks very
different and unique.

This powerful blood splash painting is possible by hand paint by the craftsmen of ART OF WAR one
by one carefully. This is a very unique and one piece product. In the painting,
* The blood paint and the three dimensional bloodshed is kept as the first base.
* After that the blood glue is added with the additional blood effect, which means our all products
are hand painted. Therefore, please kindly note that the blood effect amount might differs from one
product to another.

Trophy-ZODD*Limited Edition IV*Extra Bloodshed Version………………...........approx. $1,075; €899


* Trophy ZODD*Limited Edition IV*Extra Bloodshed Version
*Limited Manufacture to 20 pcs
Full Size: ZODD Size: (L) 28.5 X (B) 27.5 X (D) 39 cm (without base);
Base Size: (L)38 X (B) 30.3 X (W) 17 cm (wooden base)
Attachments: Serial Number Nameplate (No.1~20)
Materials: Polystone, PU and special polystone to enhance the elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date: Last one pcs- around end of October, 2017 & other pcs- around December, 2017
Serial Number: No.1-20

All rights reserved to
© Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA/ Hakusensha

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