VR Manga & VR Light Novel Exhibited at Tokyo Game Show

TOKYO, Japan - September 19, 2017 - MyDearest Inc. has announced that it will exhibit [FullDive novel: Innocent Forest] and the demonstration version of [FullDive MANGA: The Dream Clinic] at Tokyo Game Show 2017 (Sep. 21-24). [FullDive MANGA: The Dream Clinic] will be released in this fall and its trailer is now steamed.
In addition, we launch a VR/AR cross-promotion jointly by three VR/AR companies.

About "FullDive novel: Innocent Forest"
"FullDive novel"
Ultimate immersive reading experience with the concept of "VR × light novel.”
FullDive novel enables the readers to immerse the world of the novel and experience as if they become the main character of the story. Instead of illustrations on real books, FullDive novel has VR animations.

"Innocent Forest"
Fantasy about the mysterious girl Luclei and memories of visitors.
There is a forest in which visitors can forget one painful memory.
In that forest, memories turn into birds and fly off from their owner's nest box. A young man, Kei (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi) gets lost in the forest and encounters a mysterious girl Luclei (CV: Rina Hidaka) who lives in the forest and collects birds.
This is a story that connects past, present and future through the lost memory birds.
Visit the following website for details:

"FullDive MANGA: The Dream Clinic"
"FullDive MANGA"
Ultimate immersive reading experience based on the concept of "VR x Manga.”

There are two viewing modes.
“MANGA": The mode with traditional manga depiction extended in VR.
"PICTURE BOOK”: This mode looks more like a picture book than manga and its experience is like "reading a film."

“The Dream Clinic"
"The Dream Clinic" saves you from your nightmares.

An innocent little girl Miki (CV Aoi Yuki) suffers from a nightmare. One day, she gets a strange flyer. She graspes the flyer and dives into the dream. There is a small clinic and she meets a tapir and and Notte (CV: Natsuki Hanae). They step into Miki's nightmare, but... It is a heartwarming story that one girl finds the true feeling hidden in her dream.

Click here for details https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000008.000023466.html


About VR/AR Cross Promotion at TGS 2017
Three companies, MyDearest Inc., EXPVR Inc., and mikai Inc. will launch collaboration contents as cross promotion at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The main heroine “Luclei" from "FullDive novel: Innocent Forest" will appear in the VR/AR contents of EXPVR and mikai. These three companies are Japanese VR/AR startups that develop VR/AR contents and services. They have been selected for the third incubation program of Tokyo VR Startups.

Company Name: MyDearest Inc.
Founded in April 2016
CEO: Kento Kishigami
URL: http://mydearestvr.com/

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