Art of War - Skull Knight 2017 (Skeleton / Iron Rust Version)

October 24th, 2017

The strongest fantasy comic – “Berserk” (written by Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha)
A finished high quality goods – start of pre-order in ART OF WAR Website

To commemorate 20th Anniversary of ART OF WAR Release of two version of “Skull Knight”

Skull Knight 2017 (Iron Rust Ver.)

Skull Knight 2017 (White Skeleton)

20th Anniversary Perfect & Overwhelming Product by ART OF WAR

●Point 1 Approximately 1/5 scale (approx. Height of 38.5 cm)

●Point 2 A high quality huge product in a very special price.

●Point 3 A high qualitative painting which is impossible by other companies.

All the crack effect in the “White Skeleton Version” is all hand painted.
This painting is possible only with by the skillful artisans of ART OF WAR.

【Product Information】

No. 468 Skull Knight 2017- Limited Edition I (White Skeleton Version)
Unit Price 92,000JPY (approx. $810; €687) Serial No. 01~50

No. 467 Skull Knight 2017- Limited Edition II (Iron Rust Version)
Unit Price 87,000JPY (approx. $766; €650) Serial No. 51~80

Skull Knight Size: (W) 42 * (D) 27 * (H) 38.5 cm (including marble base),
Attachment: Normal sword, serial number nameplate, Marble Based (separated from the product)
Net Weight: Skull Knight 3.4 kg / Material: Polystone, special polystone to enhance elasticity, Marble (base)
Release Date: around February / Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR

Pre-order & Full Payment until November 10th , 2017(JPT)
*Gaiseric Coin (Egg of the King) Present!

Pre-order & Full Payment until November 20th , 2017 (JPT)
Red Crystal Eye & White Crystal Eye is able to choose.


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