100% Orange Juice - Core Voice Pack 1 Available

October 26, 2017 - Fruitbat Factory is excited to announce voices for 4 new characters in 100% Orange Juice! Character and announcer voices are now available to Poppo, Hime, Yuki and Fernet in 100% Orange Juice - Core Voice Pack 1. With support for English, Japanese, and Chinese, 100% Orange Juice is currently the most popular board game from Japan on Steam with over 250.000 copies sold since its Steam release in 2014.

Features :

  • Hime voiced by Motomiya Kana (Fennec in ‘Kemono Friends’)
  • Poppo voiced by Maruyama Miki (White Rhinoceros in ‘Kemono Friends’)
  • Fernet voiced by Kazusa Aranami (Kondou Mayuka in 'Oniichan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai n da kara ne!!')
  • Yuki voiced by Aiya Saki (Cerasus Vocalist Works)

“We were overjoyed to find the response to our experiment with the Starter Character Voice Pack overwhelmingly positive. We've had an opportunity to work with top talents in the industry to bring the best voices to the cast, and as long as the community keeps enjoying them, we're ready to bring voices to all the characters in the game.” adds Jakke Elonen, President of Fruitbat Factory.

In addition to the new DLC, 6 new cards have just been added to 100% Orange Juice for free in the form of a new Community Card Pack. Further, a Halloween event that unlocks unique costumes for all characters is currently active until November 20!

100% Orange Juice - Core Voice Pack 1 DLC is priced at $2.99. It is now available for purchase with a -10% launch discount, with an additional -10% discount for owners of the 100% Orange Juice - All Stars Collection. 100% Orange Juice is available with a -75% discount during the Steam Halloween Sale until November 1, and all DLC are available at a discount as well.

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd
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Fruitbat Factory is an independent localisation house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences.

Orange Juice
Developer of original Japanese version (Homepage)
Orange Juice is an independent Japanese game circle known for their quirky shooters. Developer of the popular online boardgame, 100% Orange Juice.
SOURCE: Fruitbat Factory

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