New Winter Anime: Spiritpact - Bond of the Underworld (Season 2)

Spiritpact」(霊契) is a popular web- manga published on Tencent Comic plateform. On December 2017, it has reached up to 250 chapters leading to more than 3.3 billion of views.Adapted into animation by Haoliners,it has become famous in China during its broadcast and especially among girls fans.The first season receiving a Japanese localization with popular Voice Actors, was broadcast from January to March 2017 on Tokyo MX.This time,to please the numerous fans, the new season will be simulcast at the time in China and Japan,so don't miss it!

The new official website will share information about the series (story, cast, staff, visual…). Returning cast from season 1 like Iguchi Yuichi,Takeuchi Shunsuke will be back but look forward to new cast joining this season 2 !「Spiritpact」Bond of the Underworld、will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from February 24th 2018(Saturday)at 21:00(JST)。The series will have 12 episodes.


Tanmoku Ki is a Youmeishi, a Priest responsible for preserving the balance between the human world and the spirit realm. Putting is own life on the line to do that, he is not only the continuous target of evil spirits who want his spiritual power but also of people who want to inherit his status. Relentlessly fighting evil spirits, Tanmoku Ki is helped by You Keika, his “Spirit Shadow” (影霊). Is their relationship simply that of a Youmeishi (Priest) and Spirit Shadow (影霊)? Under what kind of fate did the two meet?

In this new season, we will discover the backstory of Tanmoki and who will learn through his memories who was his ancestor Rakugetsu (章軒)

Official Twitter:@Spiritpact
©️TENCENT Animation& Comics /SPIRITPACT Production Committee

Main Characters
You Keika 楊敬華 (ようけいか)| CV:IguchiYuichi 井口祐一
Tanmoku Ki 端木煕 (たんもくき)| CV: Takeuchi Shunshuke 武内駿輔
Shinryu Shouken 神龍章軒 (しんりゅう・しょうけん)| CV: Satou Takuya 佐藤拓也
Shin Shiyou 秦詩瑶 (しんしよう)| CV:Okubo Rumi 大久保瑠美

Main Cast
楊敬華 (よう・けいか) You Keika | CV: 井口祐一 Iguchi Yuichi
端木煕 (たんもく・き)Tanmoku Ki | CV: 武内駿輔 Takeuchi Shunsuke
神龍章軒 (しんりゅう・しょうけん)Shinryu Shouken | CV:佐藤拓也 Satou Takuya
秦詩瑤 (しん・しよう)Shin Shiyou | CV:大久保瑠美 Okubo Rumi
端木寺芸 (たんもく・じうん)Tanmoku Jiun | CV:生天目仁美 Nabatame Hitomi
端木寺明 (たんもく・じめい)Tanmoku jimei | CV:三宅貴大 Miyake Takahiro
寅哲 (いん・てつ) In Tetsu | CV:杉山紀彰 Sugiyama Noriaki
花羽 (かう) Kau | CV:空見ゆき Sorami Yuki

Original Work「霊契」by Ping Zi 瓶子 published by Tencent Animation& Comics
Director: Li Haolin 李豪凌
Scenario: Qi Ling zi 琦玲子
Character Design: 权恩京
Chief Animation Director: 权恩京
Color Design: 金金珠
Art Director: 金荣在
Director of Photography: Nakamura Shintaro 中村慎太郎
Editing: Li Haolin 李豪凌
Animation Production: Emon 絵梦

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