PUSH! Launched Brand New Kickstarter Project “Noble Love”

A hentai light novel about Samurai and romance

Cheyenne, WY Jan 21, 2018.- PUSH! Publication enters 2018 with a launch of a new Light Novel which needs support on kickstarter to become a reality. If you could share the news with your audience that would be extremely appreciated - We will also give out full physical or digital copies to outlets and creators who've helped upon request if we pass the Kickstarter.

As huge fans of light novels ourselves, we feel that they aren't as popular in the west as other forms of media like Visual Novels for example. One of these reasons is because of accessibility reasons which we would love to change.

Fortunately, we are highly experienced and specialise in creating and localizing light novels to the west. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost and reach which we simply don't have. This is where we require your help in spreading the word and with each backer it helps this goal become a reality.

Kickstarter link - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pushpublication/noble-love

"Noble Love" is written by experienced writer Kishou and illustrated by amazing artist 雪代あるて.

Story and settings
After the death of his father, who was a highly respected Samurai Special Force officer, Aoi, young and sharp of wit, joins the force himself to continue his father's legacy. He was quickly recruited by the Special Forces after his extraordinary performance at his university. Once there, he was put under the charge of Sakura, a prodigal samurai with a long and glorious family lineage. She is tasked with teaching Aoi the true way of the samurai. As a result of this, they spend a lot of time together and start to develop all sorts of new feelings for each other.

It isn't long before they fall in love. Samurai are not allowed to have relationships with each other, however, so they both decide to keep their relationship a secret, lest they will be marked as Ronin, samurai who have lost their way and serve without a master. How do they convince society that it's okay? Can they find the true happiness they seek with each other? As new threats rise in the city, they find themselves in middle of an upcoming long and intense battle. Find out more as they overcome these obstacles and fight back against the rising terror in their city.

About PUSH! Publication
PUSH! Publication is a team of creative individuals and a brand-new start-up company which publishes their own original light novels, manga, and art books in English. Our mission is to grant those who wish to publish their own light novels and manga but are unable to do so due to various restraints an outlet to make their dreams a reality. Our team has enigmatic passion towards content quality and strives to make ourselves a well-known name within the anime, manga and hentai industry.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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