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Otaku Coin Preparation Committee New Advisors to Join

On March 22nd, the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee (namely Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.) announced that experts in technology, accounting, and law who have great knowledge and abundant experience regarding cryptocurrencies will be joining the committee as advisors to help plan Otaku Coin, a cryptocurrency specialized for Japan's pop culture, such as anime, manga, and games.

The new members who will be joining the committee consist of Seigen Takano, CEO of Sprout Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and a specialist in cyber security; Hiroshi Shimo, the CEO of Consensus Base (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), a blockchain specialist; and Hitoshi Kakizawa, a certified public accountant who works as a “blockchain accountant,” as well as So Saito, a lawyer knowledgeable in blockchains, finance regulations, and IT.

Additionally, the Toyo Institute of Art and Design (Shinjuku, Tokyo) and Rakuten Collection, an online shop that sells limited-edition goods, owned by Rakuten, Inc., will be joining the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee.

The Toyo Institute of Art and Design's participation in the project is expected to help students involved in subcultures implement lessons in marketing and business planning through industry-academic cooperation, as well as receive workshop orders for illustrations and designs through Otaku Coin. Through the cooperation with the Toyo University of Art and Design, the committee will be able to consider a system in which animators, designers, CG creators, and other registered creators can receive Otaku Coins.

-Otaku Coin Preparation Committee Advisors and Partners-
[Otaku Coin Advisors]
Taro Maki: President of Genco, Inc.
Tadashi Sudo: Journalist
Nobuhiro Ōga: Shogakukan Managing Director
Leo Akahoshi: CEO of qdopp, Inc.
Masayuki Ikegami: CEO of SAKURAS Co., Ltd.
Kenji Saito: Keio Research Institute at SFC, Senior Researcher
Palmer Luckey: Oculus founder
Anypay Inc.

[Otaku Coin Planning Partners]
whomor Inc.
Honey's Anime
Rakuten Collection
Toyo Institute of Art and Design

[Otaku Coin PR Ambassador]
Kizuna Ai (virtual YouTuber)

-Profiles of the newly joined Advisers-

■Hitoshi Kakizawa (Blockchain Accountant, Certified Public Accountant)

Worked in the corporate sales division of Mizuho Bank and learned about many complaints clients had with their banks. After joining Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, he audited companies preparing to list on the stock market and worked with over 15 IPOs in 3 years. In 2015, he took part in Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support's FinTech team and worked as a “blockchain accountant.” He organized seminars about ICOs, supported cryptocurrencies and blockchain ventures, consulted for blockchain verification tests, developed audit procedures and conducted audits for cryptocurrency exchanges, and assisted with the implementation of in-house operation management systems. In October 2017, he joined a blockchain venture as a business developer, the second Japanese person to do so. He currently provides private consultation for ICO projects and is the adviser for several cryptocurrency/blockchain projects.

■Seigen Takano (Cybersecurity Specialist, Sprout Inc. CEO)

Founded Sprout Inc. by gathering a group of consultants and researchers with extensive knowledge in cybersecurity with a basis of security engineers known as “white hat hackers.” While investigating and researching the hidden weaknesses hiding behind “zero-day attacks,” the latest cyberspace trends, and cyber terror techniques, he uses the knowledge he learned from the company to support other businesses and governmental authorities' cybersecurity. He also runs BugBounty.jp, a bug bounty program that connects businesses with white hat hackers. Recently he published a book called Dark Web, which is based on the cyber underground market deeply related to cryptocurrencies (Published July 2016 by Bungeishunju).

■Hiroshi Shimo (Consensus Base Inc. CEO)

CEO of blockchain specialist Consensus Base Inc. Has been involved with blockchains for a long time and has the know-how and experience of performing verification tests for dozens of major firms, such as SoftBank, Daiwa Securities Group, and the Japan Exchange Group. Currently offers ICO consulting, ICO packages, trading cards, and other services through his own company. Co-published books about bitcoins and ethereum with NEC and authored many books and articles about blockchains. Also serves as a blockchain committee member for the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Continues to stand at the forefront of blockchain technology as an engineer and is actively attempting to spread information about the technology.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (incorporated in Delaware, U.S.; Representative: Tomohide Kamei; CEO: Naomitsu Kodaka) has previously announced that the Toyo Institute of Art and Design (Shinjuku, Tokyo; Principal: Saburo Nakagome) and Rakuten Collection, an online shop that sells limited-edition goods, owned by Rakuten, Inc. (Setagaya, Tokyo; CEO and Representative of the Board of Directors: Hiroshi Mikitani), will be also joining the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee.

More alliances and exciting projects still to come!


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