Remyadry, a Dungeon Crawling RPG Inspired by Touhou Project was Released Today

- 100% translated into English, the game is being sold on and Steam -

TOKYO, Japan – Eisys, Inc. today announced that they have released Remyadry, a dungeon crawling RPG developed by Kokoko Soft, on its online store and on Steam.

Remyadry is an RPG inspired by Touhou Project from “Team Shanghai Alice”.


Gensokyo is connected with 'a certain world' and eventually a huge dungeon by the name of 'Mazes of the Week' appears. The mansion that protagonist Remilia Scarlet was living in is trapped within this dungeon. Cooperating with companions, Remilia and co. end up having to clear that dungeon.

[Game Overview]

Remyadry is a mouse controlled RPG with character creation and dungeon crawling.

Players can compose their party from a maximum of 20 units and fight their way through the dungeon.

[Unique Features]

· Players can import their own image assets into the game to personalize the game experience

· Characters can be named freely

· Acquire more characters as the story progresses

· Characters can be powered up by distributing points earned in the game

· Earn skill points by progressing the game and customize your skill tree

· Most battles are automated for a smooth game experience

[Special Discount]

A 10% discount is being offered during the first week after release on Steam, so don't miss this chance to try out this popular indie RPG from Japan!

Remyadry Promotion Video:

Remyadry Product Pages:

Platform: Windows 8 / Windows 10

Genre: Indie/RPG

Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified)

【About EISYS, Inc. /】 is an online download store for digital entertainment products run by Eisys, Inc. Currently there are approximately 1.2M users, 30,000 indie creators, and 170,000 products registered with Japan's leading doujin/indie title download shop, The English website has approximately 150,000 users, 20,000 indie circles, and 120,000 products registered. While English speaking countries compose a large proportion of these figures, there are also notable numbers coming from Europe, Taiwan, and Southeastern Asia.

【About Kokoko Soft】

Kokoko Soft is an indie game developer in Japan. The developer is famous for creating many works inspired by Touhou Project lore. Please note that the development of Remyadry and its sale on / Steam is being performed with permission from Team Shanghai Alice

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