Ayura Crisis! Now Available on DLsite

Fully translated into English

December 07, 2018, TOKYO, JAPAN – The English translated version of independent developer Above a Damage Tile's Erotic Action Game "Ayura Crisis!” is now available for sale on DLsite.

Developer Comment:

"With erotic status ailments / parameters and sensual erotic scenes that you can literally feel through the tips of your fingers, a high level of immersiveness is the defining characteristic of this action game!

If the protagonist succumbs to her foes, she will be corrupted by various sexual fetishes. With combat reflexes you can fight your way through the perverted armada but... make a mistake and their lewd lunges will entrap her in a turbulent torrent of titillation.

Will you break free from their grasp? Fighting for your freedom with the exhilarating and authentic combat system? ...Or give in to your inner desire and relish in the realistic Eros unfolding before your eyes?"

Publisher Comment:

"As an action game this little beauty is an exhillirating ride in the park. Smooth, no delay input with intuitive results. Chain your combos in an attempt to gain power ups, manage your super gauge wisely (between DPS and HP regen) and take out enemy after enemy.

But beware, defeat is not superficial in this game. With each and every slip up, the protagonist Ayura will slowly but surely be turned from a melee combat master to a raving whore in search of sultry sex. With in-battle erotic attacks, out of battle mob discipline and boss specific defeat scenes, as an erotic game, Ayura Crisis! is likewise an exhilarating ride. Albeit, Ayura will be doing the riding. ;)

Isn't it great when an erotic game has the best of both worlds? If you are a fan of animated pixel art eros, then Ayura Crisis! is a must play!

(PS: Set to HELL difficulty for extra defiled heroine hopelessness immersion.)"

◼ Product Description

Title: Ayura Crisis!
Developer: Above a Damage Tile
Age Rating: X-rated (Adults ONLY)
Categories: Action / .EXE file
Genre: Erotic Action Game
Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Languages: English
Other Keypoints: Includes BGM and Sound Effects Has a Trial Version (Demo) available
◼ DLsite Product Page: Ayura Crisis!: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE240238

◼ Promotion Video: https://chobit.cc/axe5i

[About the Developer]

Above a Damage Tile (Damage Yuka no Ue de) is an independent developer located in Japan. As a new and highly anticipated star on the erotic indie scene, there is a great amount of fervor as to what direction they may take with their creative works.

In August 2018 they released “Ayura Crisis!”, their first game on DLsite (Japanese). Recognizing the game's potential, release of an English translation was immediately proposed and now, a few months later, here we have one!

A game with both authentic action combat and erotic animated pixel art eros combined! Support this newcomer rise to new heights and deliver even higher climaxes.

Developer's official Twitter, pixiv and Peing (Japanese Language):




[About the Publisher]

DLsite is one of the largest indie on-demand online download stores in Japan. The English section of DLsite, DLsite English (http://www.dlsite.com/eng/), designed for English language speakers, offers international customers easy and instant access to a wide variety of indie products. As of September 2018, it has over 120,000 products available for sale and registered users exceed 160,000. Having also registered as a publisher on Steam, DLsite intends to branch out and provide access to an even wider audience both geologically and linguistically.

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