3-day Concert "Lantis Matsuri 2019" was Decided Under the Title of ~A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG~

24 first-class artists in the Japanese animation industry arrived at the press conference "20th anniversary live Lantis Matsuri 2019"

Official music video of the theme song "Starting STYLE!! 2019" was released for the first time!

Lantis, the music label of Bandai Namco Arts Inc. (Address: Ebisu First Square, 18-14 Ebisu 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013. Representative Director and President: Kawashiro Kazumi) announced that to celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishment, the concert "20th anniversary live Lantis Matsuri 2019" will be holding on June.2019. As a trailer of this event, the press conference with first-class artists attending was held on 26th Nov and there was also a live streaming on Lantis YouTube channel, Line Live channel and nicoonico Live streaming.

Lantis, the music label of Bandai Namco Arts Inc. is in a leading position of the Japanese anime industry, creating a number of hit songs such as the theme songs of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Love Live!" Moreover, Lantis also made achievements on holding concerts successfully for many times at the highest level venue such as Nippon Budokan and arena for the famous artists such as JAM Project, GRANRODEO, Chihara Minori, OLDCODEX, Aqours (LoveLive! Sunshine!!), Idol Master Million Live!, IDOLiSH7 and has produced a large number of artists who are active no matter abroad or domestically. Additionally, Lantis is expanding its business by the services of releasing CDs, streaming, holding global event and world live tour etc.

At the beginning of the conference, a special video "History of Lantis" which reviews the past Lantis Matsuri was screening. Inoue, the representative director and executive vice president of Lantis announced "Lantis Matsuri is an event that all Lantis staff and artists will be attending; I am looking forward to your visit from the bottom of my heart!"

Furthermore, on the day of 26 Nov. which is the day of 20th anniversary, Lantis declare that to show their dedication to the fans, the title of the event, "20th anniversary live Lantis Matsuri 2019 ~A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG~" was decided. Meanwhile, in addition to the information that there will be a 2-day concert on 22nd, 23rd Jun.2019 released before, the news there will an extra concert holing on 21st Jun. was released for the first time.

Then, to explain the reason why the theme of this event is "~A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG~", the deputy director of music production department Suzuki said, "Anime songs have so much power and maybe there are one or two songs that you must feel really related. To show how thankful we feel to those songs, with the efforts of our artists for these years, the theme was chosen. "After that, the short version music video of the theme song for "Lantis Matsuri 2019" was screening for the first time.

In the middle of the conference, the list of attending artists was revealed. Many famous singers such as JAM Project, GRANRODEO, Megumi Ogata, Aqours will attend and perform. There was a loud applause popped up at the venue because of the announcement of the amazing performance casting. After that, it came to the climax when 24 artists appeared at the stage. The artists had a brief speech separately to show expectation to the event in next year. As the first artist to make the speech, Fukuyama YOSHIKI said excitedly "For the coming 20th anniversary Lantis Matsuri, as a member of the band which has been formed for over 19 years, I feel very excited and inspired to perform with these young artists and I think we will bring you an amazing concert next year." (For other artist comments, check the information below)

At last, the conference ended up with a group photo shooting of attending artists.

※ For more details of the event "20th anniversary live Lantis Matsuri 2019 ~A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG~", Please check following information.

◆Press conference announcement appearance Artist Comment(excerpt)◆

JAM Project Hironobu Kageyama
As the anisong's summer festival, I will prepare everything I can do. And I am the one of oldest performer, I would like to pull this event to a great success with a good mood with everyone!

JAM Project Hiroshi Kitadani
I would like to fall short the expectation of everyone who gathers to the event in a good way, and respond with the performance that goes far beyond imagination!

JAM Project Yoshiki Fukuyama
As Lantis approaching to 20th anniversary, and we are a veteran band formed 19th years, it is exciting to be able to perform with young people. I would like to send you a unique and fantastic live that is influenced but does not tolerate anything else.

Next year is also an important year that will be the 30th anniversary of my professional debut, so do not forget to enjoy yourself the best, I will do my best with all my strength!

JAM Project Masaaki Endoh
I am relieved that it will be an indoor event(it is not affected by rain), but even if a huge typhoon comes and becomes a no audience evnet, I would like to make it a festival that will remain in history! Don't miss it!

JAM Project Masami Okui
For the coming 20th anniversary of the JAM Project, I hope to have a good step, a stage that will give momentum.

For the 20th anniversary of Lantis, I firmly carry on the "20th Anniversary" and "Anison World" and wish to sing with a gratitude feeling as "A · R · I · G · A · T · O" for Lantis I will.

Megumi Ogata
I was participate in the Lantis Matsuri from the first year. And I am sincerely grateful that I can sing it on the same stage even after 20 years, I would like to enjoy with everyone.

◆「20th Anniversary Live Lantis Matsuri 2019 A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG」 Event Summary◆

Official title :20th Anniversary Live Lantis Matsuri 2019 A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG

Date and time : June 21, 2019(Friday) Open: 11:30 Start: 13:00

June 22, 2019(Saturday) Open: 11:30 Start: 13:00

June 23, 2019(Sunday) Open: 11:30 Start: 13:00

Venue :
Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9-11 hall (Nakase 2–chome 1, Mihama–ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan )

Organizer : Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / bayfm

Official sponsor:
LINE TICKET(LINE TICKET Co.,Ltd.)/Astell&Kern(Aiuto Co.,Ltd.)
ANiUTa(ANiUTa Co.,Ltd.)/JOYSOUND(Xing, Inc.)/mora(Label Gate Co.,Ltd.)

Planning :Bandai Namco Arts Inc.

◆ The fastest ticket information◆

Designation :¥9,800(tax included)
Standing :¥8,800(tax included)

※Application limit: Up to 4 tickets per person (Multiple performances available)
※Charged from 3 years old ※Re-entry possible ※No resale
※Exhibition prohibition of the auction ※Resale tickets cannot enter

Fastest first
Fastest preceding> (JAPAN ONLY)

Reception period: Monday, November 26, 2018 19: 00 ~ Sunday, January 6, 2019 23: 59
Result confirmation: January 12, 2019 (Sat) 15: 00 ~
Application: https: //lin.ee/fbwHWxF/rjef/lantis20th

※ Application is only available from smartphone · PC.
* All purchased tickets will be received at "Electronic Ticket".
To receive tickets you need a smartphone with LINE installed.
* When using LINE TICKET for the first time, input of your name. is mandatory at the time of application.
※ Please confirm the application method and notes from the reception screen.
※ Since reception is not on a first come first serve basis, please apply within the reception period.

Ticket port 03-5561-9001( Weekday 10:00 ~ 18:00)

Production :Bandai Namco Arts Inc./Bandai Namco Live Creative Inc.

◆「20th Anniversary Live Lantis Matsuri 2019 A・R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG」 Appearance artist ◆

【June 21, 2019(Friday) Day1】 Artists in no particular order
Aikatsu Stars! / Aqours / ALI PROJECT / Yoko Ishida / Shuhei Kita / CooRie / Sayaka Sasaki / ZAQ / STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION / Nami Tamaki / Minori Chihara / ChouCho / TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND / TRUE / NOW ON AIR / MIYUKI HASHIMOTO / Mai Fuchigami / Faylan / Aki Misato / Aira Yuuki / Das Feenreich / yozuca* / Chihiro Yonekura / LUCK LIFE

【6月22日(土) Day2】 Artists in no particular order
Aikatsu Friends! / [email protected] SideM ※1/ THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS ※2/ AiRI / Kanae Itō / Megumi Ogata / Kensho Ono / Daisuke Ono / GRANRODEO / Shintani Ryoko / Kenichi Suzumura / Tapimaru / Takuma Terashima / nano.RIPE / Aki Hata / Hatanaka Tasuku / fhána / Void_Chords(Ryo Takahashi) / Minami / milktub / Showtaro Morikubo / eufonius

※1 [email protected] SideM・・・
Takuma Terashima (role Touma Amagase)、Sougo Nakamura (role Teru Tendo)、Shun Horie (role Pierre)、 Balletta Yutaka (role Shoma Hanamura)、Shōya Chiba (rold Hayato Akiyama)、Shō Karino (role Yukihiro Kamiya)、 Keisuke Furuhata (role Shiro Tachibana)、Yoshiki Nakajima (role Jiro Yamashita)、Junta Terashima (Takeru Taiga)、 Komada Wataru (Kurisu Koron)

※2 THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS・・・
illumination STARS: Hitomi Sekine(role Mano Sakuragi)、Reina Kondo(role Hiori Kazano)、Miyu Mineda(Meguru Hachimiya)

L'Antica: Carin Isob e(role Kogane Tsukioka)、Chisa Suganuma (role Mamimi Tanaka)、Anna Yamaki (role Sakuya Shirase)、 Runa Narumi (role Yuika Mitsumine)、Mizuki Yuina (role Kiriko Yukoku)

Climax Girls After school: Hiyori Kono (role Kaho Komiya)、Haruka Shiraishi (role Chiyoko Sonoda)、Mariko Nagai (role Juri Saijyo)、

WAKANA Maruoka (role Rinse Morino)、Akiho Suzumoto (role Natsuki Arisugawa)

Alstroemeria: Honoka Kuroki (role Amana Osaki)、Ryoko Makekawa (role Tenka Osaki)、Noriko Shibasaki (role Chiyuki Kuwayama)

【6月23日(日) Day3】 Artists in no particular order
Aikatsu! / THE [email protected] MILLON LIVE MILLION STARS ※1/ AZALEA from Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours / Reina Ueda / Ayaka Ohashi / OLDCODEX / ORESAMA / Guilty Kiss from Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours / JAM Project / SCREEN mode / sphere / Azusa Tadokoro / Chima / Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club / buzz★Vibes / Sho Hayami / Makoto Furukawa / Mia REGINA / rionos / LAZY

※1 THE [email protected] MILLON LIVE MILLION STARS・・・
Haruka Yamazaki (role Mirai Kasuga)、Azusa Tadokoro (role Shizuka Mogami)、Machico (role Tsubasa Ibuki)、Aimi (role Julia)、 Reina Ueda (role Umi Kousaka)、Arisa Kōri (role Kaori Sakuramori)、Ayaka Suwa (role Matsuri Tokugawa)、Minami Takahashi (role Konomi Baba)、 Saki Minami (role Tsumugi Shiraishi)

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