FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. Featured Programs – January 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Jan. 4 2019.

FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. is a Japanese-language channel presenting classic masterpieces from Japan around the clock. Don't miss our exciting lineup for January 2019!

●New! Featuring A Trio of Outstanding Shogi Players

Shogi Player Sota Fujii – The Interview Notes
1/3 (Thu) 0:00am- 1/7 (Mon) 5:30pm- 1/11 (Fri) 10:30am-
A documentary about Sota Fujii, a Shogi player with 29 wins, undefeated since his debut.

”Fujii Stopper” Yuki Sasaki – The Man Who Prevented Sota Fujii's 30-Match Winning Streak
1/3 (Thu) 0:45am- 1/7 (Mon) 6:15pm- 1/11 (Fri) 11:15am-
A look back at the match between Sota Fujii and Yuki Sasaki, with commentary by Sasaki himself.

Hifumi Kato – A Shogi Genius Since the Dawn of History
1/4 (Fri) 0:00am- 1/8 (Tue) 6:00pm- 1/14 (Mon) 10:30am-
A talk show with commentary by Hifumi Kato, an adorable Shogi player loved by fans of the game.

●New! Japanese Anime Masterpieces

Uchusenkan Yamato 3 (2 Episodes Daily)
Mon-Fri 8:00pm- / Rerun: 9:30am-
Here comes the Season 3 of Uchusenkan Yamato. Enjoy this timeless masterpiece of Japanese Anime in America.

Mon-Fri 0:00am- / Rerun: 6:00pm- & 11:30am-
Exclusive original live-action series of the popular Anime, Patlabor.
Cast: Erina Mano, Toshio Kakei, Rina Ota

TBS News, Daily News from Japan
Mon-Sun 9:00am-, etc. / Aired 6 times daily
Comprehensive latest news from 18 Japan News Network (JNN)-affiliated stations, in partnership with CBS.

LOL by The Drifters, Legend of Variety Show
Mon-Fri 7:00am- / 4:00pm-, Sat, Sun 9:30am- / 4:00pm-
The Drifters and their guest entertainers crack you up with a series of short comedies!

2-Hour Suspense Drama Series by Misa Yamamura & Kyotaro Nishimura
Mon-Fri 2:00pm- / 9:00pm-, Sat, Sun 11:00am- / 10:00pm-
Total 15 episodes of this suspense drama series based on novels written by famous Japanese mystery writers, Misa Yamamura and Kyotaro Nishimura.

Woman in the Crime Lab, The Famous Forensic Investigation Series
Mon-Fri 10:30am- / 7:00pm-, Sat, Sun 7:00am- (2 Episodes)
Popular suspense drama series starring Yasuko Sawaguchi. Forensic scientists face off against vicious high- tech crimes.

●The Japanese Specialty, Jidaigeki

The Magnificent Seven of Hacchōbori
Sat, Sun 0:00am-
Jidaigeki crime series starring Tsurutaro Kataoka. Seven distinctive detectives bravely challenge evil in Edo.

Mon-Fri 11:00pm- / Rerun: 1:00pm-
Nationwide popular Jidaigeki series that was broadcast for 40 years. The secret behind its popularity is Ken Matsudaira, who played cool Yoshimune.

* Times listed here are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

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