Family Gekijo U.S. Featured Programs – April 2019

FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. is a Japanese-language channel presenting classic masterpieces from Japan around the clock. Don't miss our exciting lineup for April 2019!

●Featuring Secret Dark Business Drama Series of Heisei Era

Shizukanaru Don Hideyuki Nakayama Version
4/1 (Mon) Premiere / Mon-Fri 7:00pm〜 (PDT), etc.
An ordinary salaryman during daytime, and the third generation head of the Yakuza at nighttime. Exciting entertainment that depicts the two-faced lead character in both comical and hard-boiled ways. This popular comic, Shizukanaru Don, has been adapted into several live-action series and movies. Airing the 1994 drama series starring Hideyuki Nakayama for the first time!

Yonigeya Honpo
Mon-Fri 8:00pm〜 (PDT), etc.
“We advise you how to repudiate your debt in the right way!” A consulting firm during daytime, and Yonigeya Midnight Run at nighttime. They deal with various kinds of debtors each time.

CODE: Mirage
Mon-Fri 11:00pm〜 (PDT)
K-13, the special team within the Metropolitan Police Department. Their activities are only known to very limited people, and on the police department's records, their members don't exist in this world. K-13, with a top agent named "Codename: Mirage” at the top of their list, secretly solves various kinds of violent crimes, as well as the crimes that cannot go public for political and social reasons.

●Two Soap Opera Titles, Three Consecutive Episodes Daily on Weekdays

Sakura Shinju
©2011Tokai Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd./Kyodo Television,Ltd.
Mon-Fri 2:00pm〜 (PDT)
Pure love and hate, the story is packed with daytime drama attractions! This is a magnificent love story that warms the heart.

The Night of Indigo
Mon-Fri 5:30pm〜 (PDT)
Set in an eccentric male host club in Tokyo called "Club Indigo”, its owner and a group of male hosts solve mysterious incidents around them.

●Two Titles Featuring Ken Shimura

Shimura Juku
Mon-Fri 3:30pm〜 (PDT), etc.
Wig jokes, raunchy jokes, and so on… Shimura style short comedy cracks you up!! In each episode, he also hosts talk sessions with celebrities!

LOL By The Drigters
Mon-Fri 4:00pm〜 (PDT), etc.
The Drifters and their guest entertainers crack you up with a series of short comedies!

●Anime / Special Effects

Uchusenkan Yamato
Mon-Fri 1:15am〜 (PDT), etc.
Rustless Sci-Fi Anime landmark. Enjoy this timeless masterpiece of Japanese Anime in America.

©「絶狼」雨宮慶太 東北新社
4/26 (Fri) Premiere / Mon -Fri 7:00pm〜 (PDT), etc.
Every night, the Makai Knight, Ray Suzumura, continues to hunt the demons called Horrors to protect humans from them. Original story and overall direction by Keita Amemiya.

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