ANiUTa, the Anime Music App, Announced 36 Anisong Artists Playlist Collection Plus New Interactive Functions

A Whopping 36 Anisong Artist Line-up! All of Their Individual Comment Videos for the Giga Playlist Collection Are Available on ANiUTa!

Tokyo - April 8, 2019 - ANiUTa Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that their popular anisong (anime song) streaming service, ANiUTa, as part of their “Giga Playlist Collection” Plan, will have 36 popular anisong artists release comment videos.

The “Giga Playlist Collection” Plan is a large-scale plan to celebrate an update for the ANiUTa app. This plan sees a whopping 36 different anisong artists go beyond the boundaries of labels to come together to create their own playlists. Each playlist is personally created by an artist to feature songs they have specifically chosen, their own music, or even follow a certain theme or movement. Now fans will be able to enjoy their favorite artists even more, through ANiUTa.

A special website has been uploaded to showcase all artists videos commenting on their playlists

Finally, for every artist who has participated in this project, a special video introducing the playlist will be released. This plan is not just about allowing you to listen to anisongs, you can now watch videos and get even closer to your favorite anisong singers!

ANiUTa plans to continue to develop projects that will showcase anisong artists even further, aiming to become the best anisong streaming service in existence, just for anisong fans. ANiUTa is currently offering the first month for free when you register. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity give ANiUTa a try!

Participating Popular Anisong Artists for the “Giga Playlist Collection”

Artists: Playlists

Saki Yamakita from i☆Ris: Songs I Sing At Solo Karaoke Playlist by Saki Yamakita from i☆Ris

Yu Serizawa from i☆Ris: Songs I Want to Listen to Now! Reflecting on the Past with Character Songs Playlist by Yu Serizawa from i☆Ris

Himika Akaneya from i☆Ris: My Personal Favorite PriPara Songs Playlist by Himika Akaneya from i☆Ris

Yuki Wakai from i☆Ris: I Was Raised by Pokemon Playlist by Yuki Wakai from i☆Ris

Miyu Kubota from i☆Ris: Anime Songs to Cheer You Up Playlist by Miyu Kubota from i☆Ris

Azuki Shibuya from i☆Ris: Super Hot! PriPara REMIX! Playlist by Azuki Shibuya from i☆Ris

Asaka: That's the one!! Playlist!! by Asaka

Kanako Ito: Recommended Songs Playlist by Kanako Ito

Asami Imai: Land, Sea, Sky Playlist by Asami Imai

Masayoshi Oishi: Forbidden Chord Progression Playlist by Masayoshi Oishi

Yuiko Ohara: Songs You Want to Listen to in the Theater Playlist by Yuiko Ohara

Ayaka Ohashi; Recommended Songs Playlist by Ayaka Ohashi

Rie Kitagawa: Addictive and Tear-jerking PriCure Songs Playlist by Rie Kitagawa

Yurika Kubo: Songs to Listen to On a Walk Playlist by Yurika Kubo

GRANRODEO: Recommended Songs Playlist by GRANRODEO

Momoyo Koyama (Starlight Kuku Gumi): Starlight Kuku Gumi Playlist by Momoyo Koyama

SCREEN mode: Recommended Songs Playlist by SCREEN mode

Minori Suzuki: Character Songs That I Often Sing Playlist by Minori Suzuki

Hiro Shimono: "MY" Playlist by Hiro Shimono

Kanako Takatsuki: KANAKO BEST HITS Playlist by Kanako Takatsuki

Azusa Tadokoro: Recommended Songs Playlist by Azusa Tadokoro


NOW ON AIR: Live Event "Progress" Setlist Playlist by NOW ON AIR

Wataru Hatano: Playlist for People Starting a New Life by Wataru Hatano

Saori Hayami: Playlist for You this Springtime by Saori Hayami

Jun Fukuyama: Introduction to Jun Fukuyama Playlist by Jun Fukuyama

Makoto Furukawa: Recommended Songs Playlist by Makoto Furukawa

MIKOTO: Entering Battle Mode Playlist by MIKOTO

Suzuko Mimori: My (Suzuko Mimori) Character Songs by Suzuko Mimori

Aira Yuki: Aira Yuki Playlist by Aira Yuki

YURiKA: Covers by Anisong Singers Playlist by YuRiKA Chihaya Yoshitake: Music to Make You Feel Better Playlist by Chihaya Yoshitake

Koko Hayashi from Run Girls, Run!: Songs for Getting Psyched Up Playlist by Koko Hayashi from Run Girls, Run!

Nanami Atsugi from Run Girls, Run!: Making an Uneventful Day More Fun Playlist by Nanami Atsugi from Run Girls, Run!

Yuka Morishima from Run Girls, Run!: Songs to Listen to at Home Playlist by Yuka Morishima from Run Girls, Run!

Ami Wajima: Anisongs with Lively Intros Playlist Chosen by Ami Wajima

We're now on the lookout for user-created playlists and reviews

- Make Playlists and Get Likes!
At ANiUTa, you have the ability to create and share your own original playlists. You can even get “likes” from other users on your playlists, so try making as many as you'd like!

- Recommend Your Favorite Anisongs in the Comments!
Now, you have the ability to leave comments on each of your favorite anisongs. You can leave them on a single song or album, so be sure to try it out! If you comment has enough love, maybe you'll even get a comment back from the artist themselves!?

Search Function Has Improved
Search by Anime Titles and Artist Names has greatly improved. Anime tied-up songs are now linked to Anime Titles, so it's easier to find your favorite songs by just typing the anime title.

Voice Actor & Anisong Writers Also Reveal Their Own Playlists!
In addition to the Giga Playlist Collection, Japanese voice actors & actresses and anisong writers reveal their own playlists! With more than 40 people participating in this project, please enjoy their recommended playlists as well, only on ANiUTa!

About ANiUTa:
ANiUta was launched in Japan in early 2017 and launched in the U.S. starting August 1st, 2018. The app offers a free trial and a paid subscription. Paid subscribers are able to enjoy a wider variety of perks including full-length playback of tracks, lyrics display, up to 1000 songs registered in a personal library, and high-quality streaming at 320kps. The app is a must-have for anisong fans and costs a flat $4.99 a month. (Note: The subscription price presently offered is based on current exchange rates using 600 JPY as the base value. There is a chance that this price could change either due to exchange rate fluctuations or a change in the pricing thresholds set in the App Store or Google Play.)

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