Tezuka's Phoenix and Lus of the Dead Trilogy Set to Rise & Shine on Blu-ray

(Belleville, New Jersey) Media Blasters is pleased to announce the blu-ray debuts of two best-selling releases sure to extend the summer heatwave! AnimeWorks will release Osamu Tezuka's highly-acclaimed epic, PHOENIX: THE PERFECT COLLECTION on blu-ray and Tokyo Shock will unleash the apocalyptic zombie epic, LUST OF THE DEAD: TRASH TERROR TRILOGY on both DVD and Blu-ray. Both collections will street on September 17th, 2019.

Down through the ages, humankind has gone to great lengths to search for and discover the key to immortality. According to legend, the Phoenix, a mythical bird of fire, is said to hold the key to eternal life. Great warriors, greedy princesses, ambitious scientists and ordinary people, all desire to possess its promise and power. Great wars are waged in a vain attempt to win it and as a tragic result, many civilizations rise and fall. Phoenix is an anthology of five fables from the past, the present and the future where many lives perish because of their unquenchable greed. Ironically, true suffering often comes to those who find and attain immortality only to experience the sad and tragic burden of outliving all loved ones and friends and having to journey alone through an eternal life. Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989), known as the god of manga in his native Japan and the creator of JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO and ASTRO BOY, is indisputably hailed as the father of modern Japanese comics and animation. His artistry and powerful storytelling continue to bring a sense of wonder and spiritual inspiration to audiences all around the world. The epic tale of the Phoenix brings Tezuka's masterwork manga to life and unfolds a powerful fable of human hope and despair, love and hate and life and death. It is a cosmic love poem to the human condition that beautifully illustrates the circle of life- from birth to maturity and from death to rebirth! Contains 13 episodes!

Believe it or not! This is the first zombie movie made in Japan! In the too-near future, after a nuclear attack, Tokyo's entire female population is under siege and attacked by a lustful horde of hungry and horny male zombies who are infected by a virus that results in an insatiable appetite for sex and flesh! On the run, a business woman and a nurse seek shelter in a Shinto shrine where they meet up with a housewife and a schoolgirl. With few options, the brave women decide to stop running and take a stand against the growing, ghoulish, global threat. They arm themselves with assault rifles and explosives and prepare themselves for the final showdown to confront the monsters and destroy them to save what is left of humanity! An intentionally tasteless, over-the-top Walking Dead parody that goes where no other zombie movie would ever dare! Three complete movies!

OSAMU TEZUKA'S PHOENIX: THE PERFECT COLLECTION (13 Episodes)- BLU-RAY FORMAT: Catalog # AWBD-1910/ UPC: 631595191073/ SRP: $59.99/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Language: English Dubbed and Original Japanese Language with English Subtitles/ Audio: 5.1 & PCM 2.0 Stereo/ Aprox. 325 minutes.

LUST OF THE DEAD: TRASH TERROR TRILOGY BLU-RAY FORMAT: Catalog# TSBD-1912/ UPC: 631595191288/ SRP: $39.99/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM Stereo/ DVD FORMAT: Catalog# TSDVD-1911/ UPC: 631595191189/ SRP: $29.99/ 5.1/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo/ Language: Original Japanese Language with English Subtitles/ Aprox. 215 minutes/ Includes Special Features: Trailer, Photo Gallery. Not Rated.


[Phoenix] draws you in like an episode of the Twilight Zone- once you start watching it, you're there until the story's complete. If you consider yourself any kind of fan of anim e or manga, [Tezuka's] name should be a household word to you.” - IGN

“The Phoenix was Tezuka's magnum opus...”- fandompost.com

“The show has a big animation budget... the movement and kinetic energy are captured and translated superbly from Tezuka's original...”- anigamers.com

“The women are all relatable and interesting in unique ways and the way they band together to protect each other is... endearing and sincere... it's a beautiful moment of sisterhood and coming together for a common goal...”
- Rylee Edgar, horrornews.net

“Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is” - horrorfuel.com

ALTERNATE SYNOPSIS: After a nuclear attack in Tokyo, the female population is attacked by infected males who have become sex-crazed zombies, hungry for human flesh. Officeworker Momoko and nurse Nozomi seek shelter in a Shinto Shrine, where they meet housewife Kanae and school girl Tamae. With no choices left to them, the group of girls decides to take a stand and arm themselves with assault rifles and explosives to fight off hordes of horny zombies. What is the secret to killing the zombies for good?

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