Digital Comic Publisher SOZO Comics Launches

Digital comic publisher SOZO Comics launches! Brings Japanese creators directly to the world. Releasing on July 16th on comiXology

Los Angeles, CA – A digital comic publisher, SOZO Comics (SOZO IP, LLC) established in Los Angeles, produces Japanese IP contents with top creators and manga artists. Following new 4 series will be released on comiXology on July 16th. SOZO Comics is focusing on digital first, high quality, and global releasing. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and Spanish localized comics will be released after the English version. More new comics coming after these 4 series.

Enchanted Racer
Written by: Akira Itou (Known for Yu-Gi-Oh R, Vanguard)
Art by: Jun Ikeda
Retra and Turbo, who are the main characters, live on a planet and end up becoming car racers for due to a twist of fate. They need a monster to participate in the car race on this planet. The manga is intended for people ranging from children to adults. It's a mech action adventure manga.

Written by: SANYO (No.1 Pachinko Company in Japan)
Art by: Himekawa Art (Lead by Akira Himekawa, known for Legend of the Zelda)
Umimonogatari Marin, the Japanese No.1 Pachinko character, shows up in the manga. One day, Marin, a beautiful dancer, comes across a theft case of the Power Stone and she ends up getting involved in a conspiracy led by an organization. What will be her fate?

Prince od Lan Ling
Written by: Yoshiki Tanaka (Known for Legend of the Galactic Heroes)
Art by: Takeru Kirishima
The Prince of Lanling, the main character, is good-looking enough to attract companions and even their enemies. The super popular hero is always wearing a mask when he has a battle. He'll show us a dramatic twist, a tragedy, and a complicated way of life. It's a history action adventure manga based in China.

Original art by: Yoshitaka Amano (Known for Final Fantasy series)
Script by: Mark A.Z. Dippe (Director of Spawn)
Art by: GORIO21
ZAN, who is the main character, is on a journey filled with battles to release a light that is being caught by darkness. What is he fighting for? It's an action samurai fantasy manga.

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