Ultimate Weapon Coming! Astral Chronicles X Law of Creation Collaboration Announced

The fantastic JRPG Astral Chronicles has just announced a special collaboration with Law of Creation. The most popular character of LOC is coming to the Astral Realm today! As the sequel to Law of Creation, Astral Chronicles also brings you into a world where people believe in the supremacy of magic and truth. Its intertwining storyline and fantasy setting will bring an unprecedented RPG experience to your mobile!

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/hNHcbc6tFWE
Download Now: https://app.adjust.com/jgxyo48

Ultimate Weapon·Pandora Z Coming!
The mysterious girl Pandora who has completely independent alternating personalities, and now her ultimate weapon form, Pandora Z, will teleport to the Astral Realm today. Let's see what will the Omega Weapon bring to Astral Chronicles! Her limited bridal dress will be released from 19th to 27th August. Join divination events to get this beautiful outfit. Come join now!

New Battlefield: Silver Moon Coming Soon!
With the arrival of Pandora Z, the silver moon battlefield will open at the end of August. This new cross-server PVP gameplay will give players new challenges! Carve your own meta by creating the most powerful combination of heroes to turn the tide of battle with tactical gameplay!

For more information of Astral Chronicles, please visit:

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