The Battle Cats Turns Five Years Old

It's been five years since The Battle Cats appeared on the Android and iOS app stores in September 2014, earning over 46 million downloads and blowing minds with its unique spin on the tower defense genre, endless cast of hilarious characters, and surprising strategic depth. Now, the weirdly cute kitties are going all-out on their celebrations during The Battle Cats' 5th Anniversary Party event! Log in to The Battle Cats app on September 20th at 11am for three weeks of special stages, limited edition Cat heroes, and celebration campaigns that'll offer tons of awesome rewards for both veteran players and newcomers to the Cat Empire!

Anyone who logs in between September 20th and October 12th will can collect one stamp each day, earning bigger and better rewards as you pick up more! Your fifth stamp will unlock limited edition Coin Cat, only available during the Battle Cats 5th Anniversary Party! What a steal - free rewards just for showing up to play!

Need that all-powerful hero to give you that edge against the baddest bosses? The special gacha set “Best of the Best” appears between September 20th and 25th, collecting players' favorite Uber Rare Cats alongside the English-version only powerhouse Wind Dancer Valkyrie! On top of that, any 11-Capsule Draw made guarantees you to collect at least one of these Uber Rare heroes! Even more Capsule Sets will become available throughout the campaign. Perhaps even a new set with a never-before-seen Cat of infinite potential…?

Once you've earned a few new warriors, put their skills to the test on a gauntlet of limited special stages! Clearing the anniversary challenge B-Day Gifts will earn you a healthy pile of 20 Cat Food premium currency once each day. In addition, all Monthly themed stages return, bringing with them bizarre and hilarious seasonal bosses for you to topple and collect even more rewards! Even more stages and missions will return for players to tackle throughout the campaign, so check back each day to see what new challenge will be awaiting you!

If you're feeling extra confident, take on the world by surviving the Catclaw Dojo's new Ranking Stage and earning a place on the leaderboard. Can you earn a high score and make it to the top 1% of all Battle Cats players before the event ends?
What's more, if 50,000 players challenge the Dojo between September 23rd and October 12th, everyone earns a glorious bonus of 100 Cat Food!

New to the Battle Cats? Need to kickstart your campaign with more variety in your feline fighting force? All the standard Special Cats cost just half their normal Cat Food price to collect each weekend through October 12th!

Can't wait to recruit your next Uber Rare Cat? Time to tip the scales of luck in your favor! From October 7th (11am) through October 12th (11am), buy a Platinum Ticket for a 100% guarantee that you'll receive a top-class Cat warrior when you draw from the Battle Cats Rare Gacha machine!

The 5 Year Anniversary also includes an exciting selection of social campaigns outside the app for players to earn MORE rewards!
In our first campaign, players who've wandered away from The Battle Cats can get a chance to receive a welcome-back gift pack filled with awesome rewards when they reinstall the app and Like the Comeback Campaign post on the official PONOS Facebook page. If enough players decide to revisit the Cat Empire before September 30th, then ALL players earn additional prizes in the game!

Bringing the party to a close, the final social media campaign offers a chance for five lucky players to collect a big BIG reward of 7200 Cat Food each! Entrants should watch the quiz video to be linked on the official PONOS Facebook page starting October 1st, then comment on the post with the correct answer before the end of October 10th! Five lucky winners will be chosen to earn a massive Cat Food prize, and all players will earn a bonus Rare Ticket if the video is watched more than 55,555 times!

We hope you'll join us for the Cat Empire's biggest event of the year!

Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS ver 10.0, Android OS ver 4.4
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