Digital Ownership of Artworks from 'Steins;Gate' Now Available on Anique

November 5, 2019
Anique Inc.

【Anique】Digital Ownership of Artworks from
STEINS;GATE』Now Available on Anique!
~11 Pieces of Artwork at Auction and Lottery Sales~

Anique Inc. (located in Shibuya, Tokyo. CEO: Taichi Nakamura) has announced that the digital ownerships of artworks from『STEINS;GATE』, a popular Sci-fi title released in 2009 from the Science Adventure Series will be available on its service , a platform where users can become the sole proprietors of digital artworks from Japanese contents like anime, manga, and games that are certified to be the only one in the world through blockchain technology.

Digital ownerships of 11 pieces of artwork from『STEINS;GATE』is now available on Anique. One brand new illustration drawn to celebrate the 10th anniversary of『STEINS;GATE』will be on auction, and 10 pieces of historical illustration will be available on lottery sales.

STEINS;GATE』 Campaign Page URL:
【Entry Period】22:00 PM JST on November 5th ~ 12:00 PM JST on November 18th, 2019

【Result】 Winners will be notified via email after November 25th, 2019.

Anique is a platform that utilizes NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in blockchain technology to provide users unique ownerships that are certified to be the only ones in the world. Artworks on Anique are centered in Japanese anime, manga, and games. However, they will not only be the hottest contents, but also the contents that had finished airing or have been taken off the market, which are considered to be “sleeping treasures”.

In May 2019, Anique started its service and announced the first project featuring 『Attack on Titan』, which its manga has over 80 million sales. The digital ownership of 26 pieces of artwork from Attack on Titan was available for lottery sales. (Attack on Titan Campaign Page URL: )

Following up with the second project featuring『Serial Experiments Lain』one of the most classic cyberpunk anime series released in 1998. The digital ownerships of 20 pieces of artwork from Serial Experiments Lain were available at auction and lottery sales.
(Serial Experiments Lain Campaign Page URL:

STEINS;GATE』is the 2nd game of the Science Adventure Series released on October 15, 2009. It is a game with a dense story about timelapse happened in Akiharaba based on detailed research in science. Starting from the high popularity gathered by the famous voice actors, the release of the second sequel, TV anime, Movie anime, stage performance, etc., STEINS;GATE has spread its title greatly. This year, the 10th anniversary of STEINS;GATE, it continues to expand the title with its 10 special projects.

▼『STEINS;GATE』10th Anniversary Illustration Available at Auction
The one and only limited edition with almost the same height of Mayuri and Kurisu! (H:1555mm, W:1150mm, D: 35mm) Bidders may bid from 150,000 yen for its unique digital ownership and the limited edition.

▼『STEINS;GATE』Privileges for the Owners of the Artworks

Digital Certificate of Ownership
Owner names and ownership history will be recorded on blockchain. Even after the artwork is traded, the previous owner's name will remain recorded. Note: the copyright of the artwork belongs to the creators or copyright holders.

Limited Edition
Historical artworks from 『STEINS;GATE』 drawn by the character designer. Only the owner will be able to purchase one single piece of the owned artwork. *Ships Worldwide (Shipping Fee will differ depends on the destination)

Primo art is an innovative printing technology that uses 10 colors to recreate the color of the original artwork in ultra-high definition.

Twitter Event

A digital ownership of the Metal Upa will be gifted to one winner who follows Anique's official Twitter account and retweets the designated tweet.

More detail will be announced on Anique's Twitter Account
Anique's Official Twitter Account

Profit that Returns to the Creator
Whenever a digital ownership is sold, part of the profit will be returned to the creator of the artwork, and become the resource for the next piece of artwork. Anique aims to increase the circulation of Japanese content around the world and create a new revenue stream for creators through a business model for the new era.

*1 Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is a technology that holds transactional information including the history from various sources, and observes those transactions to prevent data forging.
Various companies are promoting blockchain technological research so it can be used not just
in cryptocurrency, but also projects for the exchanges and sales of artwork, real estate, luxury
items, and other valuable goods because blockchain allows liquidity.

▼Project Lineup
1st Project「Attack on Titan

Campaign URL:

2nd Project「Serial Experiments Lain
Campaign URL:

▼Company Information
Name: Anique Inc.
Representative: CEO Taichi Nakamura
Business Category: Internet Service

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