MiKandi Japan and Push Publication Relaunch Suspended 'LINDA' Kickstarter


MiKandi Japan and PUSH! Publication relaunch LINDA Project on Kickstarter

Legendary Japanese artist LINDA to receive official English localization and publishing of original doujin ero works

Seattle, WA. -
MiKandi Japan and PUSH! Publication have teamed up again to fund the official English translation and printing of several ero manga from well known Japanese artist LINDA.The relaunched campaign is now live on Kickstarter and will run until March 17th. A minimum funding goal is set at $50,000 USD with many attractive reward tiers, stretch goals, and exclusive items that could see the campaign reaching as high as USD $80,000 USD.

To support the campaign on Kickstarter, please visit:

PUSH! Publication will be handling the translation, production and publishing of LINDA's works, MiKandi Japan are crowdfunding consultants and promotional partners. The estimated release date is late April, 2020.

LINDA Re-launch Campaign Special Highlights

7 original doujin manga including "Secret", created by LINDA exclusively for the campaign; and "Milf Idol", LINDA's latest release from Comic Market 97.
285+ pages of erotic content combined.
Both physical and digital formats of the doujin manga.
Exclusive ero merchandise such as high-quality dakimakura, tapestries, a 3D mouse pad, and more.
Everything uncensored!

A professional manga artist for over twenty years, LINDA was first published by Shobunkan in1998. His development as an artist began taking shape in middle school with heavy influences from the fantasy illustrations of Nobuteru Yūki (Record of Lodoss War), Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Gundam), and also from Dungeons and Dragons, and the novel Shadowlance. LINDA's works generally focus on beautiful, voluptuous, married women exploring adultery and the excesses of nightlife.

“I try to make an atmosphere that captures the girl, my own hidden sexual desires and fears. I like to express the complex ‘internal implications’ of characters when I draw them,” said LINDA when elaborating about his art style and creative motivations.

Highlights from LINDA's publishing career include appearances in Weekly Manga Goraku,
Gorakuten, Penguin Club, Pizazz DX, and Young Animal Arashi. His works include "Fushitara", "Neorarezuma", and "Sekirara Kanojo". His most recent tankobon is "Fushitara~ The reason my wife was unfaithful~4th volume", was released in May 2019.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lindacomic
Homepage: http://www.linda-comic.com/

About PUSH! Publication
PUSH! Publication is a team of creative individuals and a brand-new start-up company
publishing original light novels, manga, doujinshi, artbooks and Visual Novels in English. Our deeply passionate team strives for quality and to make our company well-known in the anime, manga, and hentai industries.

Homepage: https://www.pushpublication.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pushpublication
Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/pushpublication/
Email: [email protected]

About MiKandi Japan
MiKandi Japan is a Japanese to English game and manga publisher. To date, they have
published over one hundred adult manga episodes from top ero publishers KATTS Men's
Comics and Ero Manga Island. All manga are available for purchase in digital format for
Desktop, Mobile Web, Android, and iPhones on MiKandi (the the world's leading adult app
store). MiKandi Japan is also known for successfully funding the localization of XERO's bishoujo visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess.

Homepage: https://www.mikandijapan.com
Marketplace: https://mikandi.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikandijapan
Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/mikandijapan
Email: [email protected]

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