April 2020 - Family Gekijo U.S. Press Release

March 2020
Tohokushinsha Film Corp.

Airing All 3 Uchusenkan Yamato Series Back-to-Back!

Family Gekijo USA will bring back the timeless masterpiece of Japanese Anime!

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of Uchusenkan Yamato,
Family Gekijo U.S. will broadcast all 3 series of this masterpiece in Japanese animation history.
1st Series of Uchusenkan Yamato will air on April 6th, followed by its sequel, Uchusenkan Yamato 2 on April 21st.
Starting April 25th, please enjoy the last series, Uchusenkan Yamato III, 4 episodes back-to-back!
Don't miss this opportunity to catch a glimpse of the
Japanese animation history!

「Uchusenkan Yamato」(1974)
The 1st TV Series – History began here!

Premiere : 4/2 (Thu.)
Mon.-Fri. at 8:00pm(PT) / 11:00pm(ET)

「Uchusenkan Yamato 2」(1978)
The 2nd Series – The timeless masterpiece!

Premiere : 4/21 (Tue.)
Mon.-Fri. at 8:00pm(PT) / 11:00pm(ET)

「Uchusenkan YamatoⅢ」(1980)
The Last of the Uchusenkan Yamato Series!

Premiere 4/25 (Sat.)
Sat & Sun at 10:00pm(PT) / 1:00am(ET)

FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. (24-hour Japanese language channel) is available through Dish Network, the U.S. broadcast satellite service provider, for a fee. DISH Network Website: https://www.dish.com 

If you are a Dish Network customer with the basic package of Domestic Core Package or International Basic Package, please apply for Japanese Package through https://www.mydish.com/japanese.
FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/us.famigeki

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