CBLDF Offers Resources for Retailers Affected by the Covid-19 Crisis

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the comics industry's voice for free speech advocacy and education, is developing resources for comic book retailers who are impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. With the need for social distancing and an influx of mandatory business shut-downs, retailers across the country are temporarily closing their shops and working to find ways to continue operating. CBLDF is providing resources to support the comics business community as they weather the crisis.

CBLDF has assembled the following resources, with more on the way:

*A comprehensive state-by-state clearinghouse resource for financial aid, training tools, and other information to support industry businesses. http://cbldf.org/2020/03/resources-for-comics-industry-businesses-impacted-by-coronavirus/

*A new directory of CBLDF Member stores with links and details about what they're doing to engage with their customers during the crisis. http://cbldf.org/2020/03/support-your-local-comic-shop/

*Tips on how retailers can best navigate a state shutdown order and jumpstart their recovery during the downtime. http://cbldf.org/2020/03/what-to-do-during-a-shutdown-order/

*Remote Retailing: Sales Strategies For Stores Affected by a Shutdown shares sales and marketing solutions stores can put in place to ride out the crisis. http://cbldf.org/2020/03/remote-retailing-sales-strategies/

*Remote Retailing webinar, happening on Friday, March 27 at 2 PM PDT, featuring John Dudas, Owner-Operator, Carol + John's Comics, Atom Freeman, Owner-Operator, Prana: Direct Market Solutions, Jen King, Owner-Operator, Space Cadets Collection Collection, and Morgan Perry, Retail Sales Coordinator, Boom Studios and moderated by CBLDF's Community Development Manager Siena Fallon. This training webinar provides practical strategies and best practices for helping retailers adapt their businesses. http://cbldf.org/2020/03/remote-retailing-webinar/

CBLDF will continue to update these tools and will be providing new resources and training webinars to support the comic book community throughout the crisis.

“Comic book retailers are the foundation of the comic book industry. They serve as beacons of light in increasingly troubled times, hubs in their communities where people can find the stories that they need,” said Siena Fallon, Community Development Manager at CBLDF. “We will continue to do everything we can to support retailers throughout this crisis.”
CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein adds, “The team at CBLDF is committed to providing the resources our community needs to overcome the challenges this crisis represents. These tools are just the beginning. As the crisis continues, we'll be adding more resources, training opportunities, and activities to support the retail community that makes our work possible. We count on you, and you can count on us. If there's something you'd like to see that you think we can help with, please reach out. We're going to get through this, together.”

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund provides legal and educational resources to protect the First Amendment rights of the comics field and serve its community. In the past year, CBLDF has developed a robust response to the resurgence of identity censorship cases, providing support to creators and protecting diverse graphic novels like Fun Home, Drama, This One Summer, and more. CBLDF provides legal support to retailers, educators, and creators in protecting their fundamental right to free expression. The organization's resources support the understanding and protection of First Amendment rights, including free legal aid and advice on issues related to the comics medium and an ongoing education program that includes publications, webinars, and events. CBLDF continues to develop resources and tools to better serve all members of the comic community, from educators and librarians to retailers and cartoonists. To learn more about CBLDF, please visit www.cbldf.org.

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