Bilingual Virtual YouTuber “Aimu Sora” Hosts Worldwide Show “Sora's Senpai Club”

Starring Kazuki Kato, Kensho Ono, and more!

CYBIRD Co., Ltd. (Main office: Tokyo, CEO: Tadashi Motojima)'s Virtual Youtuber Aimu Sora, from the “I'm Sora Project”, who debuted in June 2019 to spearhead CYBIRD's global expansion into the world of female oriented otaku media, just premiered his brand new worldwide show “Sora's Senpai Club” on Sunday, June 21st! Starring actor and singer Kazuki Kato and Voice Actor Kensho Ono as the first two guests, the show aims to introduce the best of Japanese anime, manga, and music to the world!

Bilingual Virtual Youtuber Aimu Sora's new show, “Sora's Senpai Club” is the latest show segment on CYBIRD's virtual youtuber project, “I'm Sora Project.” The show will be conducted in both English and Japanese for global viewers.

■From Japan to the World: Voice Actors, Actors, Musical Artists Senpai!
Aimu Sora will invite popular Japanese voice actors, actors, and musical artists to his show as “Senpai” and film 3 episodes each with them.

On the show, Aimu Sora and his Senpai will have an in-depth talk about the guest himself and various topics in the anime, music or other media the guest is involved with.

Each Senpai wrap up the show with a special message to viewers to never give up about following their dreams.
Aimu Sora himself is heavily involved with the planning and preparation of this new show. With his dream to become the bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, Aimu Sora hopes to learn from his Senpai and take on new challenges in the future.
It will be his first time as the host of a global show so there is much anticipation for his growth.

Program Title:Sora's Senpai Club
Broadcasting Channels:YouTubebilibili(哔哩哔哩)*TBD
Start Date:June 21, 2020 10:00PM JST
YouTube Channel:

Guest Senpai:
1st Show:Kazuki Kato Broadcast Schedule:6/21, 6/28, 7/5
2nd Show:Kensho Ono Broadcast Schedule:7/12, 7/19, 7/26
3rd Show:KENN Broadcast Schedule:8/2, 8/9, 8/16
After June 21st, the show will air every Sunday.

*The broadcast dates for bilibili(哔哩哔哩)are yet to be determined.

◆Mini Campaign #1: Currently Collecting Questions for “Notice Me Senpai Gacha!”
Aimu Sora will collect questions for each Senpai on his Official Twitter( During the ”Notice Me Senpai Gacha” segment, the guest Senpai will randomly choose questions to answer.
The deadline to submit questions for KENN is 6/25 11PM JST!

▲Aimu Sora's Official Twitter is in both English and Japanese.

◆Mini Campaign #2: Aimu Sora's & Guest Senpai's Autograph Present Campaign!
There will be an Autograph Giveaway held on Aimu Sora's official Twitter.
1 winner will be chosen every week for 3 weeks from those who follow Aimu Sora's Twitter and retweet the giveaway post (3 Total winners per guest).

1st Round :Kazuki Kato Signed Autograph Board
Campaign Period:6/21/2020 10:00PM JST ~6/27/2020 11:00PM JST
※The Present Campaign will be held for each Senpai.
※There may be changes to the present depending on the Senpai.

■What is the I'm Sora Project?
“The sky is the limit!”
With the motto of “We're all under the same sky,” a project to share Japanese culture and subculture with global viewers began on June 20th, 2019.
To celebrate the project's one year anniversary in June 2020, the new show “Sora's Senpai Club” started off with a brand new slogan “The sky is the limit!”
Through his interaction with many Senpai from various parts of the Japanese entertainment industry Aimu Sora hopes to encourage viewers to follow their dreams as he continues to develop and realize his own goals as well.
■Who is Virtual Youtuber Aimu Sora?
Aimu Sora, a Japanese and English bilingual Virtual Youtuber, was designed by famous illustrator and manga artist Utako Yukihiro.
Aiming to be a bridge between Japan and the world, he shares many things with global viewers including Japanese culture, female oriented subculture, and sight-seeing spots for anime/manga/game lovers. He hopes to encourage others to follow their dreams as he works on realizing his own, starting with his new motto “The sky is the limit!”
In November 2019 he made his musical debut with pop song “Step by Step” and electro pop dance song “Around SORA,” both produced by avex entertainment Inc. Then in December 2019, he made his debut performance at Singapore's C3 AFA Singapore 2019 and attracted many new fans.

▲C3 AFA Singapore 2019 Event(Singapore)Stage View

■I'm Sora Project/Aimu Sora Official Social Media
(YouTube Channel)

(Music Releases)
♪”Step by step”

♪”Around SORA”

■About CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033
Representative: President Tadashi Motojima
Founded: 1998
Business outline: Mobile content service provision and mobile business support, development and provision of cross-media solutions, mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile promotion, mobile website construction, mobile commerce, research and development of next-generation platforms, etc.

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