Irodori Sakura to Publish Works from Doujinshi Author naop

OREGON, USA – SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 – Irodori Sakura --the BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+ focused English localization imprint of original Japanese doujinshi publisher Irodori Comics -- is proud to announce it has licensed works from popular geicomi doujinshi author naop. This will be naop's first official introduction to English speaking audiences and Irodori Sakura's first geicomi release. With this collaboration, Irodori Sakura hopes to increase the exposure of geicomi works, sometimes also known as bara manga, in the West.

Irodori Sakura has so far announced two titles by naop, with the first one to be released in September. The titles are:

1. Demonic BF

More works by naop will be added in the future.

In addition, Irodori Sakura plans to release the following all ages and R18 BL and Yuri works throughout the month of September*:

This Is Love Part 1 by Ziki Masaya (all ages BL)
Release Date: 19. 9. 2020
Summary: Fumi and Higashi are coworkers and boyfriends. They celebrate their one year anniversary, but Fumi's overcome with feelings of doubt regarding their relationship. "This is Love 1" compiles the first three chapters of the series about sexuality, including hints of demi-sexuality, relationships and the definition of love.

Puppy Play with Papa 2 by Maemuki na Doemu (R18 BL)
Release Date: 20. 9. 2020
Summary: Inubo's a hardworking dad doing his best to make his son proud, but he makes constant blunders at his job and his timid personality leads to him getting walked all over. When his boss puts the pressure on him to make a big sale with a client, Inubo's associate - a steely-eyed, cutthroat salesman named Nekoyanagi - wants to find out just how far he's willing to go to close a deal.

Your Love is Too Much! by Mira (R18 Yuri)
Release Date: 26. 9. 2020

Yuriyon by Ayano Ayano (all ages Yuri)
Release Date: 27. 9. 2020

*Release date and English titles are subject to change without prior notice.

All ages SFW doujinshi will be made available through Irodori Comics' website for all ages doujinshi Irodori Lite while R18 doujinshi will be available through FAKKU.

ABOUT Irodori Comics: Irodori Comics works directly with Japanese manga artists to help localize and publish their works outside of Japan. The company believes in spreading doujinshi culture around the world by publishing doujinshi for everybody. The Irodori Sakura label was created to boost LGBTQ+ representation in doujinshi publications, while sister label Irodori Aqua label was created to serve the general non-erotic doujinshi market. Both imprints serve to increase manga fan awareness regarding doujinshi and its role in the industry.

Irodori Sakura Twitter account: @irodori_sakura ( (R18 warning)

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