The Virtual City-pop Idol Sputrip Has Been Formed

The virtual city-pop idol, 『Sputrip』has been formed.
At the virtual unveiling LIVE, it was announced that their debut song, 『Breeze in the sun』composed and arranged by Tetsuto Yoshida would started streaming on the music sites in early October.

The virtual idol group, 『Sputrip』themed the city-pop which has been formed as the 3rd group of the virtual idol project, 『Palette Project』made its unveiling LIVE on the You Tube LIVE on Saturday the 5th September.

The 『Sputrip』is a group which consists of the trio, Clara Akatsuki, Kaname Tokiwa and the new member, Hanon Kanaru who had just joined Palette Project in August.

At the LIVE unveiling, the Sputrip's first original song, 『Breeze in the sun』composed by Tetsuto Yoshida and arranged by Tetsuto Yoshida as well as Yasuhiro Hase was unveiled at the opening.

After performing the 2 old and new cover songs of city-pop, their 2nd original song, 『Planet of light』composed by Tetsuto Yoshida and arranged by Tetsuto Yoshida as well as Yasuhiro Hase was also unveiled.

At the end of this LIVE show, it was announced that the streaming of 『Breeze in the sun』will be released on the music streaming sites in October after their official debut has been decided.

Their appearance for the world first virtual idol festival, 『Life Like a Live!』held from the 19th to 22nd September was also decided.

We are delivering the city-pop to the world-wide music fans from virtual performances.

You can watch the archive video of their unveiled performances LIVE on the Palette Project You Tube channel.

『Breeze in the sun』 『Planet of light』

Also, the『Breeze in the sun』is going to be streamed on the other music stream sites in early October.

The release on record is also scheduled in the near future. We are carrying out other various activities live as well as in streams.

【Event Outline】
Date & Time: Saturday 5th September 2020 20:00~21:00
Context: Online LIVE @Palette Project Official You Tube channel

M1 Breeze in the sun (new song by Sputrip)
M2 Dang Dang ki-ni-naru (cover song original:Yuma Nakamura)
M3 Summer time love (cover song original: Shiggy Jr.)
M4 Planet of light (new song by Sputrip)
M5 Breeze in the sun
M6 Planet of light

■Sputrip members
Clara Akatsuki (@akatsukiclara)

Kaname Tokiwa (@tokiwakaname)

Hanon Kanaru (@kanaruhanon)

■Release information
Debut single 『Breeze in the sun』
Composed by Tetsuto Yoshida
Arranged by Tetsuto Yoshida & Yasuhiro Hase
Words by Edobor (Edoyaborsch)
☆The scheduled release will be in early October

Official HP:
Palette Project You Tube: Palette Project Channel
Palette Project Fanicon:
Official Twitter:

◎What is the Palette Project?
It is a virtual idol project which has been carrying out activities with the concept of 「Making virtual performance more realistic and colorful」. The nickname of Palette Project is 「Pale-Pro」.
We have put our thoughts such as mixing various colors to create a new color, making colors overlap like a rainbow to look a more beautiful group and making more people's dreams come true.
Currently there are 9 members who are Clara Akatsuki, Rona Nanami, Yura Tohsaka, Kotoha Fujimiya, Kaname Tokiwa, Kohane Kamina, Kyoka Eba, Ayumu Kitami and Hanon Kanaru.

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