Brand New Anime Experience from AniPic! Now Available for Pre-Registration

Tokyo, JAPAN – Sep 30 2020 – YUIMEX, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch “AniPic!” a new platform service for digital anime goods.
On October 28, AniPic will start to deliver a totally new digital goods platform for anime fans using a digital bromide experience. In addition, starting today, prior to the service's release, a pre-registration campaign will be launched, allowing users to earn "AniPic Coins" that can be used in the service.

■The Concept of AniPic
Anime Daisuki!
Not enough with your favourite anime just watching them. Just want something that you can have with you all the time, but not enough...
From the world of anime consumption to the vaguely mysterious world of anime ownership—welcome to an exciting digital world where you can live side-by-side with anime.
Let's start together. Let's have a new digital experience!

■Platform Concept
Japanese anime is loved around the world, and domestic and international sales in the anime market have been reversing since the summer of 2017. In the midst of the rapid digital transformation in the corona vortex and 5G era, a new form of relationship between fans and anime works is required.

Up until now, there has been no officially approved "official goods" for the experience of "storing and sharing" anime images and videos digitally. This service uses the latest blockchain technology to securely manage anime data, making it possible to digitally own a variety of danceable characters and famous scenes in an authorized form. This is a new digital experience that can only be experienced here for anime fans.

■Anime Content Concept
The first new digital experience offered by this service will be an one and only digital bromide, "AniPic", based on the long-time favorite "Bromide".

On the front side of the "AniPic", you can view the master data and copyrighted illustrations of the anime in ultra-high resolution, and on the backside of the "AniPic", there are many contents that can only be seen by the purchaser, such as the cast members involved in the production, staff credits up to the second original picture of the "AniPic", and secret messages from the production team. In addition, you can carve your own user information as the owner of the AniPic, along with the information of the production team. By storing the AniPic in the "AniPic Album", users will be able to create their own original albums.

In addition, each AniPic has a unique NFT (AniPic Ownership Rights) attached to it via the blockchain, proving that it is "yours" in the digital world, just like real goods. This digital content allows users to feel a connection with creators that have never been seen before.

*NFTs are "non-replaceable" tokens recorded on the blockchain, and by attaching ownership and attribution information, a digital token can be given value and proven to be unique on the blockchain. In the game industry, a title called "dApps game" has already appeared, which allows users to exchange NFTs such as characters and items for cryptographic assets, promoting the digitization of all industries, including distribution and trading services for movable property (art, cars, etc.) and real estate using NFTs.

■We're running a special campaign to get you ready for the release on October 28th!

① LINE official account and Facebook Messenger pre-registration campaign
Participate in the campaign by registering to the official SNS where you can get information on new AniPic and special services.

How to participate:
Register on either SNS
Implementation period:
Until 23:59(GMT) on Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Campaign details:
"Coins in the service" are awarded according to the number of people who register in advance!

Click here to register for an official LINE account. →
Or go to Facebook Messenger and press “Get Started”→ 114864350319281
*1 Please note that the LINE official account will be operated in Japanese and Messenger will be operated in English.
*2 You need to register either one of these accounts to participate in this campaign.

② Official Twitter Follow & RT Campaign

This is a special campaign project that you can participate in by simply following and RTing the service's latest information on Twitter.

How to participate:
Follow the official Twitter account and RT the designated posts.

Implementation period:
Until 23:59(GMT) on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Campaign details:
5 winners will be selected by lottery to receive coins in the service!

Official Twitter Account (JPN):

Official Twitter Account (ENG):

③ Official Twitter Hashtag Campaign

Earn in-service coins for posting hashtags

How to participate:
Post a predetermined hashtag during the implementation period.

Implementation period:
14th October 2020 ~ 27th October 2020 at 23:59(GMT)

Campaign details:
5 winners will be selected by lottery to receive coins in the service!
The winner of the drawing will be notified via direct message on Twitter by 28th October 2020.

Please refer to the following privacy policy for the Company's basic policy on personal information protection.

The in-service coins (AniPic Coins) will be given to you as a "present code". After the release, you can get the in-service Coins by entering them in the given page. The right to win is not transferable to a third party or redeemable for cash.

■4 Key Points to Remember about the new “AniPic!”

①'Looking Inside' the ultra-high-definition digital bromide
AniPic! brings you the master data of your dice anime and characters!

②Creating Your Own Animatic Album
Let's create your own original album by crossing the boundaries of numerous works!

③'Reading' the Creator's Message
AniPic is engraved with a 'creator's message' that is exclusive to the purchaser.
Let's try to decipher the secret message which is only available to the purchasers!

④'Carve' your ownership inside the AniPic.
AniPic will be given "AniPic Ownership" using the latest blockchain technology.
Your user information will be engraved together with the creators as the "owner" of the AniPic!

■The Future Vision of AniPic
We are planning to add digital interactivity to AniPic, such as moving, talking, and changing. In addition, the "AniPic Trade" function, which allows distant anime fans to exchange AniPic with each other, the creation of a digital secondary market, and the creation of a system that allows creators to give back to their fans and creators, will create an unprecedented service that will help fans and creators create a better future.

More favorite cartoons, always on the side.

■Some Detail About AniPic
Service Name: AniPic!
Pricing: 360 JPY / pcs
Pcs: 50 pcs / artwork
Sales Specifications: Each anime work is sold separately. One of them can be obtained at random. If 50 cards have not been acquired, the probability will be reduced to 1/49 from 2 cards onwards. You won't get the same type of bromide as the one you're wearing.
Release Date: 28th Oct 2020
Delivery Channels: Available in the browser only. Available on PC and smartphone devices, Android and iOS application development expected.
Distributor: YUIMEX, Inc.

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