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Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) Announces Free Worldwide Livestream of 3-Day Music Showcase

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) will present its annual music showcase on November 4-6. The three-day event will be livestreamed for music fans worldwide via TIMM's official YouTube channel.

Now in its 17th year, TIMM brings together music industry professionals, buyers, and artist representatives for seminars, performances, and business meetings designed to build relationships and spark financial partnerships promoting Japanese music artists to the ever-changing international market.

In addition, the TIMM Business Seminar for international delegates will also be uploaded to TIMM's YouTube channel. This year's seminar – titled "Diggin' Japanese Popular Music" – will be moderated by BBC radio broadcaster and producer Nick Luscombe with guest speakers from L.A., London, and Paris.

This year's TIMM Live Showcase will feature a wide-ranging group of new and popular artists from a variety of music genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, punk, traditional, and soul. The final day's concert, titled "JAPAN ANIME MUSIC SHOWCASE 2020", will focus exclusively on anisong artists, sponsored by JAMLAB., the online BtoB platform focused on Japanese anime music, organized by JMCE.
JAMLAB. Info: https://japan-animemusic.com/en/

Schedule (all times JST)
*Performance times and lineup are subject to change. Please check TIMM's official website for details.

DAY 1 - Wednesday November 4

19:00-19:25 MADKID
19:25-19:50 GOOD BYE APRIL
19:50-20:15 FAITH
20:15-20:40 FOUR GET ME A NOTS
20:40-21:05 YORIE

DAY 2 - Thursday November 5

19:00-19:25 I LUV ME
19:25-19:50 Ryoma Quartet
19:50-20:15 FES☆TIVE
20:15-20:40 MIRAI
20:40-21:05 SHARE LOCK HOMES
21:05-21:30 4s4ki (pronounced ASAKI)

DAY 3 - Friday November 6 - JAMLAB. presents "Japan Anime Music Showcase 2020"

19:00-19:25 MindaRyn
19:25-19:50 Ayane
19:50-20:15 JUNNA
20:15-20:40 Yoko TAKAHASHI


MADKID (November 4)
MADKID, a five-member dance & vocal unit consisting of 2 rappers and 3 vocals, was formed in 2014. "RISE" released in 2019, the opening song of TV anime "The Rising of the Shield Hero" has been a big hit around the world. MADKID'S one and only performance created by their stunning rapping and powerful vocals is their most attractive feature.

GOOD BYE APRIL (November 4)
GOOD BYE APRIL are Sho Kurashina (Vo&Gt&Key.), Takashi Yoshida (Gt.), Ayane Enmoto (Ba.), Tsunoken (Dr.)
Formed in 2011. Their music is called "neo-new music" that is rooted in Japanese 70- 80s City Pop and new music. With their unique sense of modern arrangement, they currently deliver a retro-modern sound.
Their music has feeling of scenery and nostalgia, and vocals of Sho Kurashina is said to be one & only. In addition, their lyrics, written by Kurashina and Enmoto, have each individuality.
Inspired by new music (especially by Tulip, Eiichi Ohtaki and Kazumasa Oda, Yumi Matsutoya, Tatsuro Yamashita, etc.), their evergreen music has fascinated many listeners of all ages and generations.
In recent years, their music is used as all soundtracks of a drama of the theater group Caramel Box, and the theme songs for the JFN series radio program "OH! HAPPY MORNING". They have successfully sold out many one-man lives in hall-scale places in Japan.
In 2020, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the formation, they released new songs for 6 consecutive months. These songs have been picked up to the official Spotify playlist "New Music Wednesday", "CityPop/Japanese AOR", and the J-POP playlist "J-POP Shinkansen" which is created by the Taiwanese song selection team. They are expanding their good music and activities from Japan to Asia and overseas.

FAITH (November 4)
We are a Gang of Pop! A 5-pieced mixed-gender band from Ina City, Nagano prefecture, with an average age of 20. In 2015, the members who at the time went to different high schools got together at INA GRAMHOUSE.
The band consists of 2 pure Japanese and 3 half-Japanese, half-Americans. Influenced by a wide variety of Western music, topped with mainstream Pop melodies, this is the Global Pop Music of the new generation, by the new generation. The pure and natural sounding timbre of Akari (Vocals)'s voice is a sweet treat for your ears.
The quintet was selected as one of the finalists out of 3199 contestants at “Mikakunin Ongaku Festival”; a teenage battle of the bands, in 2017 when they were still in the midst of their high school days. The band also opened for the “Rock Princess” Chrissy Costanza's, Against The Current in December 2018, during their Tokyo leg of the world tour.
Single from the 1st full length album “Capture it” released in January 2020, was featured on an amazing 71 Radio/TV stations nationwide, and marked second most aired music in the first half of 2020.
Yes, they may appear all cutesy and mischievous, but once they hit the stage, they set it off like no others. Western music, Japanese Music, Nationality, Gender, through the borders, from Japan to the World! Keep your eyes on FAITH, a true Gang of Pop like they came straight out of a teen drama!

YORIE (November 4)
Yorie (guitar & vocal) Yuki Fujimoto (guitar) Taku Kawahara (bass).
Yorie has been blowing up in the Kobe and Osaka scene over the last two years, based on the power of her live performances. Her music is a mix of urban folk and soul, with a raw, emotional edge. Japanese critics describe her music as “so violent, hopeless, and extremely kind. You can't imagine it's coming from a singer with such a cute almost comical appearance.” She recently toured Korea and Taiwan, including Seoul's Zandari Festa. In November 2019, she will release her first EP, accompanied by an Asia tour, performing as a three-piece, backed by a minimalist rhythm section of bass and guitar.

FOUR GET ME A NOTS (November 4)
Vocals & Bass: Yasunori Ishitsubo
Vocals & Guitars: Chie Takahashi
Vocals & Drums: Takayuki Abe
FOUR GET ME A NOTS, a popular band of Japanese melodic punk rock represented by Hi-STANDARD.
After releasing the sound source in indies, they made their major debut in Japan with the 2011 single "HEROINE". After appearing at large outdoor festivals in Japan such as ROCK IN JAPAN and SUMMER SONIC, they released the band's first best album in 2015. Since then, they have been energetically performing live and established popularity as a live band in Japan. Released the 6th album "KEEP THE FLAME" in March 2020.
The overwhelming live performance that sets it apart from the hundreds of bands with female vocalist. It features exquisitely intertwined voices of male and female of Ishitsubo (Vo./Ba.) And Takahashi (Vo./Gt.) so as the powerful chorus of Abe (Dr. Vo.). Experienced live performances in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and China in the past.

I LUV ME (November 5)
It all began in 2016. The power in their lyrics “you're perfect just as you are” speaks to the feelings of a conflicted generation, in a world where people constantly compare themselves to one another.
While treasuring the privilege of playing music for all, their global sound has gained attention from the media, and even in this era of subscription services, new fans outside of Japan have begun to sit up and take notice.

Ryoma Quartet (November 5)
An old and new unit Ryoma quartet consisting of four people, a Japanese-Western eclectic fusion of the traditional Japanese instruments Tsugaru shamisen, Shinobue, drums, and violin that inherits Western traditions.
"I want to connect people with the power of music" "I want to convey the sound of traditional musical instruments in a new way" Four samurai who gathered with a strong belief.
All the members are one of the best players in Japan, and after various careers, I have a strong desire to "I want more people to listen to the traditional instruments I love. I want to send them to the outside." With determination, he formed the Ryoma Quartet. It expresses a new form of oriental sound that incorporates modern music such as rock, funk, and electro while being based on classical music.
Its uniqueness transcends scenes and genres. Major debut from Pony Canyon in 2016. Released two albums and one single.
Spain "Japan Spain 400th anniversary" 3 city tour, Thailand "JAPAN EXPO THAILAND"
(theme song is also in charge), Brunei, in addition to performances by such as NY, from 2020 corona infection control, "JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2020", he has been receiving a great deal of support from all over the world, with constant offers both in Japan and abroad, such as participating in festivals and events hosted by the Bulgarian embassy online.

FES☆TIVE (November 5)
The festival-themed idol group that aims to make Japan energetic. The name is a coined word that combines festival, positive, and active. Hosting live performances that are always full-spirited to energize Japan, with a focus on Tokyo!

MIRAI (November 5)
Born June 6 Gemini Type A Born in Tokyo In March 2015, she made her major debut as the main vocalist of "IKEMEN" female idol group. At the same time, solo activities started. The collaboration video "KOBASOLO x MIRAI" with popular music YouTuber Kobasolo has exceeded 37 million views (as of August 2020.8). May 2020 Opened YouTube channel "Miracle Channel". Start his career as a solo singer in earnest.

A dance unit consisting of 4 persons in charge of backup dancing of Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endo, Gero, etc.
A video of their dancing uploaded to a video site "niconico" has achieved a number of views by more than 50 million in total!
They are enjoying wild popularity to the extent that their videos are ranked top among others every time they are uploaded. Recently, they have taken the first step as a HIPHOP dance vocal unit by uploading their original work MV to YouTube. Through their individual activities, on the other hand, the members have expanded their activities respectively in various fields, such as designer, DJ and radio personality, not to mention dance choreographer.

4s4ki (pronounced ASAKI) (November 5)
A next-generation artist who can single-handedly handle writing lyrics, composing songs, and even arranging. Debuted with "I am stupid." in March 2018. Released "Moldy" featuring Hashishi from Denpa Girl in August 2018. Changed the spelling from "Asaki" to "4s4ki" and established the private label "SAD15mg" in March 2019. Widely talented, writing for "Kemono Friends," producing the stage music for "SHOW BY ROCK!!" and composing songs for the vocal unit "SoundOrion," GADORO, and Shuri Uchida.

MindaRyn (November 6)
A Thailand Youtuber who will debut from Lantis in November 2020.
From her childhood, she was started to watch anime which influenced by her father and loved to sing, so she gradually learned the theme song of anime and started to sing. After becoming a university student, she started her career as a YouTuber focusing on animation song cover videos, aiming to become an animation song singer in earnest. She quickly reached 100,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and won the Silver Creator Award, and currently the number of subscribers is 850,000. Her videos have been viewed 54 million times and have attracted attention not only in Thailand, but also in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United States.
She has performed at many convention events in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries, and in 2020, she will participate in popular creator rerulili's 10th Anniversary Original & Best ALBUM "Shamashashishin ni Kashireru". She has sung alongside famous members such as Emi Ogata, nero, Kanako Takatsuki and Ryokitaro Ito. In November 2020, she made her debut as an artist from Lantis with the ending theme song "BLUE ROSE knows" of the TV anime "By the Grace of the Gods".

Ayane (November 6)
Ayane debuted in 2004 as a song writer when she wrote the lyrics for the theme song to the TV anime "W-Wish". The theme song of the popular game "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri" "Nageki no mori C/W Complex image" becomes a hot topic. After that, she was put in charge of the theme songs for popular TV anime such as "Umisho" and "AYAKASHI". In 2008, she received high acclaim for the theme song of the PC game "11 eyes-Sin, Punishment, and Atonement Girl-" and won the gold medal for theme songs at the “Bishojo Game Awards". She has lent her robust singing voice to a variety of projects connected to "Steins;Gate" produced by Chikuramaru Shikura, such as "Itsumo konobashode" and "Phenogram." Her rich and expressive singing voice has become an indispensable asset for both anime and video games.
In November 2016, “SOUL BUSTER” the theme song of the popular Chinese-Japanese co-produced anime “Samurai Busho Shoseiran” was released. In 2019, she celebrated the 15th anniversary of her debut with the release of “for Dearest", the theme of the latest entry in her masterwork series “Memories Off.” In May, her one-man live concert "Ayane 15th Anniversary LIVE ~for Dearest~" at Kichijoji's CLUB SEATA was held.
In addition, she has become well known for her highly energetic live performances, and has been invited to perform in various locations around the world such as Korea, China, Russia, Chicago, and Hong Kong, not to mention her domestic performances.

JUNNA (November 6)
Birth place: Aichi, Japan
Birth date: 2nd Nov 2000
Vocal from the music group "WALKURE" in the TV animation "MACROSSΔ" The youngest singer in "MACROSS" series

Yoko TAKAHASHI (November 6)
Made her major debut as a solo singer in 1991 with her single CD "P.S. I miss you", Yoko Takahashi received the Japan Record Award for new singer and the Japan Cable Radio Award for new singer.
Before her major debut, she had been involved in the concerts of Toshinobu Kubota and Yumi Matsutoya as a back chorus and worked as a studio musician since 1987. Among her 29 singles, 13 albums, and 8 best albums, her representative songs are "Cruel Angel's Thesis", the theme song of TV anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" in 1995 and "Soul's Refrain", the theme song of "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth" theatrically released in 1997.
They have sold a cumulative 1.5 million units physically and exceeded 2 million downloads as of 2019.
The vocal album "EVANGELION FINALLY" released on October 7th, 2020 includes many of her songs familiar with fans along with Evangelion series.

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is the one and only music market in Japan that offers Japanese music a platform for overseas expansion and international exchange in the rapidly changing global music industry.
The main components of TIMM are the Marketplace/Business Matching with overseas buyers, the Business Seminars, which are very popular every year, and the Live Music Showcase offering an opportunity for musicians to appeal directly to overseas buyers. This year's 17th TIMM will be held online only.
Information: https://timmjp.com/en/

17th TIMM Business Seminar
"Diggin' Japanese Popular Music" with the guest speakers in L.A., London and Paris In recent years, Japanese city pop, jazz, and ambient music have become hot topics among music lovers around the world. At this year's TIMM, London and Tokyo-based DJ, producer, and broadcaster Nick Luscombe invites guest speakers from different cities around the world to explore their passion for Japanese popular music. Nick and the speakers will also recommend their favorite selections, which they will play for you.

Moderator: Nick Luscombe:
An experienced BBC radio broadcaster, producer, DJ and music / playlist curator with a varied career with numerous companies including iTunes, Google Play, BBC and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Also the founder of the music/architecture practice Musicity.

Yosuke Kitazawa – Los Angeles, California, US
Japan-born, California-raised reissue record producer known for his work on Light In The Attic Records' Japan Archival Series. Nominated for a Grammy in 2020 as a producer for the compilation Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990.

Darrel Sheinman - London, UK
Founder Gearbox Records Ltd, the UK's leading vinyl record label with technical production house

Elvin Pagiras – Paris, France
General Manager Modulor / Modulor Japan
Exclusive distributor for labels such as Sub Pop, Secretly Canadian, Daptone Records, Glitterbeat and produce/license records through our in-house labels

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