Real Time Action RPG-Magatsu Wahrheit is Giving 5* 10x Gacha Rolls for Free for Celebrating Thanksgiving Holidays

Real time action RPG-MAGATSU WAHRHEIT global version (iOS, Android, QooApp) is celebrating Thanksgiving Holidays with providing 50x Gacha rolls for FREE now!! To thank awakeners, new chapter and thanksgiving limited quest with abundant free gems and gifts is released.

Celebration for Thanksgiving 2020/11/26 16:00 GMT~12/11 15:59 (GMT+8)
To thank all Awakeners who fight in the Wahrheit Continent, Awakeners can login during the event period to get a maximum of 50x Free Gacha Rolls. Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!!

EVENT I: Story Add-on! Between the Light, should we fight or co-exist?
- Meet the mysterious girls in the Blauw Christa and find the SSR『Stier.Core』, to Clear Chapter 6-1 to 6-6 on Normal/Hard mode for free gems and new BGM.- New areas at Wahrheit Continent unlocked! Obtain rare materials and SSR Equips from Vile Monsters!
EVENT II: New Challenge Stages: Tower of Trial 70F
Keep on challenging! After maintenance “The Tower of Trial 66-70F” , items and new rewards are waiting for you to be obtained in-game!

EVENT III: Thanksgiving celebration event! Happy Pumpkin Patch!

Find the thanksgiving limited monster pumpkin in the Wahrheit Continent. Defeat monster Pumpkin to get pumpkin soul for exchanging special costumes and luxury UR evolution materials.
*Tip: Exchange limited items and materials with Pumpkin Souls!

EVENT IV: Black Friday Special BIG SALE!
Gacha with new SSR Class weapons and equip is coming! Get gems and SSR tickets with exclusive discounts. Find your best deals in the SHOP!
-New weapons arrival with Black Friday limited bonus-
1. Sword: Ancient Sword
 Powerful ability to increase critical damage rate up to 300%!
2. Shield: Hellfire Shield
 Stand your ground by 40% more aggro and 30% dodge rate!
3.Rod: Sacred Rod
 Best in slot against enemies of dark element with 50.8% more damage!
4. Book: Fiore Book
 Save your companion by healing 35% HP and dispel poison debuff!
5. Blade: Cottontail Blade
 Unarm strong enemies with special ability to dispel 1 offensive buff!
6. Gun: Fiore Cannon
 Best in slot against to enemy of earth element with 104.2% more damage!

EVENT V: Black Friday Special – New Equip Gacha with the coolest 『Thunder』equip are here!

Want to have a little bit of the 『Thunder Sol』look? Check out the new arrival Equips『Thunder』from 5% SSR Equip Gacha.
- Draw 10 for a guaranteed SR or SSR Equip with pickup % for『Thunder』
- Every spin comes with 10 Equip Gacha Coins! Draw 10 for 100 Coins!

EVENT VI: Black Friday Sales! Best Deal ever! Find best price pack from the SHOP!
Sale Period: 11/26 (after maintenance) – 2020/12/11 15:59 (GMT+8)

I. Black Friday Sales! 『Low Price Package』 with double Gems
Get at least 10+ Gems, bonus : Soul Chips*50 & Pass Ticket *3.
II. Black Friday Sales! 『Appreciation Package A』 with SSR Weapon Gacha Ticket
Can get Gem(paid) *50、SSR Weapon Gacha Ticket *1、Skill EXP Quartz.Weapon SSR *2, bonus: Weapon Quartz SSR * 15、Weapon.Limit Break Quartz SSR *2.
III. Black Friday Sales! 『Appreciation Package B』 with SSR W/E Gacha Ticket
SSR W/E Limited Gacha Ticket *2、10x Limited Gacha Ticket *2、Skill EXP Quartz.Weapon SSR *30 , bonus: Skill EXP Quartz.All SR *2.

*For more relevant details, please check the in-game announcement.

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