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Release Date Announced for “D4DJ First Mix” dubbed version!

Bushiroad Inc. (HQ: Nakano, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshitaka Hashimoto) has announced that the English and Latin American Spanish dubbed version of Anime “D4DJ First Mix” will be released on January 16th (PST) and early February respectively.

Voice actor Karin Kagami will be reprising the same role she voiced in the Japanese version for the English dub.

D4DJ First Mix” English & Latin American Spanish Dubbed Coming Soon!

D4DJ First Mix” English dub is being released January 16th, 2021 at 9:00PM (PST) on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel. The first 3 episodes will be released on the same day simultaneously.

In addition to the English dub, “D4DJ First Mix” Latin American Spanish dub is set to release early February on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel as well. Schedules will be announced at a later date via the Official D4DJ Social Media Accounts.

D4DJ First Mix” English and Latin American dub version have been produced in association with Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

D4DJ First Mix” Chinese dub is now available on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel, with 6 episodes being released so far.

For more information, please visit the D4DJ Global Website.

Karin Kagami the voice of Maho Akashi
Japanese voice actor Karin Kagami will be reprising her role in the English dub for “Maho Akashi”, the same role she is playing in the Japanese version.

Having the original voice actor dub for a different language is a very rare case, and this has been made possible by Karin Kagami being born in the United States and attending an International School after her return to Japan.

D4DJ First Mix” Special Program Planned for January 23rd!

To celebrate the release of the “D4DJ First Mix” dub versions, there will be a special program being released on January 23rd, 2021 at 9:00PM (PST) on the D4DJ Global YouTube Channel.

The program will star Yūka Nishio the voice of Rinku Aimoto, Karin Kagami the voice of Maho Akashi, and Aimi, the voice of Kyoko Yamate. They will watch and talk about the subtitled and dubbed versions of “D4DJ First Mix”.

About “D4DJ” Project

Following the success of “BanG Dream!” and “Revue Starlight”, “D4DJ” is a brand-new media mix project from Bushiroad with “DJs” as its theme. D4DJ will show you a new world world of DJs through DJ Concerts, Anime, and Game! In addition to remixing famous songs that transcend generations, the project will also create original songs.

Anime “D4DJ First Mix” has been released on October 30th 2020 with subtitles in 15 languages, and Game “D4DJ Groovy Mix” is set for global release in 2021!

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