IA & ONE Anniversary Super Liveshow Will be Held at a New VR Live Stage Currently Under Construction

CeVIO AI and new song first live information release!

Virtual artist IA and ONE's anniversary event is coming next week.

This year is IA's 9th and ONE's 6th anniversary event, and it will be a mix of live performance and talk show online event.
This year's event will have major news reviled as always, the long-awaited IA and ONE's voice synthesis software "CeVIO AI" news release, first time live performances of new songs by IA and ONE, previews of the new VR live stage currently being constructed etc.

■Program:IA 9th & ONE 6th Anniversary ‒Super LIVESHOW-
■Date:Jan 27 2021(Wed)OPEN 19:45 / START 20:00 (program will be archived)
■Media:YouTube「IA & ONE OFFICIAL Virtual Broadcast」
■Appearance:IA / ONE / Staff G

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