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Ikimonogakari's New Single "BAKU" Goes on Sale Today (Opening Theme for the TV Anime "Boruto: Naruto Next Generation")

A hot topic in Japan and abroad! The music video for "Bluebird (Slushii Remix)," a remix by the globally popular DJ Slushii, has also been released!

February 21, 2021.

One of the most famous artists in Japan, Ikimono-gakari, have just released their 33rd single "BAKU" today.

In addition to the title track "BAKU", which has been used as the opening theme song for the TV Tokyo animation "BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS" since January 2021, this album will also feature "Blue Bird","Hotaruno Hikari" used as the opening theme song for the world-wide popular animation “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN” in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and the first remix of Ikimono-gakari's song by DJ/Producer Slushii who is active all over the world.

The album cover of this song is a complete reproduction of the cover of "Blue Bird" released in 2008, with the members of Ikimono-gakari replaced by "Boruto Uzumaki" and other main characters of the anime "BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS".

When the album cover design was released, it was greeted with comments such as "This is emotional!" and "I'm glad to see this homage!" from Ikimono-gakari fans as well as NARUTO/BORUTO fans in Japan and abroad on social media. Since the pre-release of "BAKU", the number of monthly listeners on Spotify has exceeded 2.5 million, and the music video for "BAKU" has been receiving comments from all over the world since its release.

At the same time, a music video for the remix song "Blue Bird (Slushii Remix)" by the internationally popular DJ Slushii has been released.

This video was produced by REALROCK DESIGN using the opening image of " Naruto: Shippuden " in which the song "Blue Bird" was used in 2008. The song was made into a more danceable EDM style by Slushii, and is expressed in a cool and emotional way.

The original song "Blue Bird" was ranked 4th on the list of the most played Japanese songs overseas in 2020, so "Blue Bird (Slushii Remix)" is sure to be a hit in Japan and overseas!

-Ikimono-gakari – Blue Bird (Slushii Remix) Music Video [Official]:

-“BAKU”Music Video:

-Ikimono-gakari Release Information
February 24th (Wed), 2021 new single release
Click here for each distribution site and streaming service.

[The profile of Ikimono-gakari]
Yoshiki Mizuno and Hotaka Yamashita formed "Ikimono-gakari" on February 1st, 1999, after attending the same elementary, middle and high school. The name "Ikimono-gakari" comes from the fact that the two of them had one thing in common: they worked together as keepers feeding golden fish in the first year of elementary school.It is called “Ikimono-gakari”in Japanese, keepers who take care of creatures as a class role at elementary school.

On November 3rd, 1999, one of their classmates, Yoshioka's younger sister, Kiyoe Yoshioka, suddenly joined in the "Ikimono-gakari" street performance. Having had an interest in singing since she was a young girl, she joined the group and they became a group of three. With a strong vocalist like Kiyoe, the group began to perform actively in their hometown areas of Atsugi and Ebina, selling out one-man shows in live houses and halls.

Since their major label debut with "SAKURA" on March 15th, 2006, they have released numerous hit songs. On January 5th, 2017, they made a "declaration of being free to pasture" and temporarily suspended their activities, but they resumed their activities with a "gathering declaration" on November 2nd , 2018. In March 2020, they released "Ikiru", a song created in collaboration with "This Croc Will Die In 100 DAYS", and the music video became a hot topic with over 6 million views.

On August 31st , 2020, they released the single "Kirakira ni Hikaru", the theme song for the TV Asahi Thursday drama " Mikaiketsu No Onna Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan ", and on September 19th, 2020, they held their first digital festival "BS IKIMONOGAKARI DIGITAL FES 2020 - It's the 20th anniversary of our formation! – Let's celebrate our 20th anniversary remotely! 〜.

On February 24th, 2021, they will release their 33rd single, "BAKU". The title track "BAKU" has been chosen as the opening theme song for the TV Tokyo animation "BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS". This single also includes their first remix song "Blue Bird (Slushii Remix)", which has become a hot topic.

They are also planning to release their long-awaited new album "WHO?" in March, which will mark the 15th anniversary of their major label debut.

▶ https://Ikimono-gakari.com/

[The profile of SLUSHII]
An American DJ and music producer who is best known for his popular remixes of artists like – Galantis, Botnek & I See MONSTAS, and Kaskade. His musical style includes contemporary EDM production combining dubstep drops, trap drums, giddy trance synths, and helium vocals. With massive support from Marshmello and Skrillex, he is now one of the most promising future-based artist. His collaboration with Marshmello with "Put Yo Hands Up" which was a big hit and they performed together at "Tomorrowland 2019". He also performed on the main stage at "ULTRA JAPAN 2017" and had secret gigs and solo stages in the following years. Slushii's features are like a mascot from an anime which maybe comes from his love for Japanese anime and games. In September 26, 2020 he had his virtual appearance on the main stage of Battle Royale Game "Fortnite". The game inserted track he made, "LUV U NEED U" ,for game Rocket League and new song "All I Need" have been continuous hit songs.

[The profile of REAL ROCK DESIGN]
In 1996, they started their project, "Trapping what we feel for a moment in an interface and putting something invisible into a graphic form.”. Since then, they have been active in a variety of media, including advertising, video, web, VJ, music, apparel, and space design, regardless of genre.They have also produced videos for the concerts of MAN WITH MISSION and KEYAKIZAKA46(now renamed to SAKURAZAKA6).

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