Japanese Band Waterweed Release Video for 'Kingdom' Anime Ending Song 'Deep Inside', Along with 15-track Best-of Album

Since the early 2000s, waterweed have been pioneers of Japan's screamo and post-hardcore scenes. Today (May 12), waterweed have released ‘Deep inside + Unknown best’, a 15-song single and best-of album that includes their track ‘Deep Inside’, which is the ending theme to the popular anime series ‘Kingdom’. A music video for ‘Deep Inside’ was also released today.

waterweed ‘Deep inside’ music video:


‘Deep inside + Unknown best’

When the latest season of ‘Kingdom’ began broadcasting in Japan in April 2020 with ‘Deep Inside’ as its ending theme, waterweed began to trend on Twitter, bringing a new wave of attention for this groundbreaking band.

However, just as waterweed were preparing to rise to new levels of success, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forcing them to cancel their plans for live performances and releases – resulting in a difficult year for them and many others.

The broadcast of ‘Kingdom’ was also temporarily put on hold due to the effects of the pandemic. The series finally resumed in spring 2021. Produced in a world that was beginning to overcome the pandemic, the storyline has the characters confronting a major adversity – the biggest they have ever had to face. The lyrics to ‘Deep Inside’ match this subject matter perfectly.

Roughly translated into English, the lyrics include lines such as “When faced with hardship, look ahead, and you can overcome the pain” and “We've lost so much, but that is all the more reason to smile.” Such lyrics portray the feeling of going up against a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, while the title is a reference to reaching into the depths of one's heart. Strangely, while the song appears to reference the challenges posed by COVID-19, it was actually written before the global pandemic began.

As a dedicated live band, waterweed have shown their passion and support for Japan's live music venues, which have suffered greatly during the pandemic. Through their ‘Pay For The Future Now’ initiative in which they sold tickets for a tour that will eventually be held after the pandemic ends, they have raised about 2.5 million yen (roughly 23,000 USD) in advance ticket sales for 22 music venues around Japan, at a time when those venues most need the support.

As waterweed weild music as their strongest weapon even in these darkest of times, compilation album ‘Deep inside + Unknown best’ is a historic work with the power to touch your heart.

Rather than giving up or looking for someone or something to blame in the midst of disaster, the album conveys the strength that comes from never giving up, from facing yourself and picking up an instrument and starting to sing.

It's easy to believe we can stand firm and not be swept away by the times. But sometimes we need to experience hardship to understand the value of determination. Tune in to hear the deep and fresh sound of a band who were able to find something unchanging in this ever-changing world.


New single + best-of album: ‘Deep inside + Unknown best’

Release date: May 12, 2021

水, 鳥, 滝, ブルー が含まれている画像


Before the whale can leap high into the air, it must first dive deep below the waves. Defying the ages and gravity; an edge so sharp it cannot be pierced by light. Discover the hidden gems by this fresh and profound melodic hardcore band.

Contains 15 songs, including ‘Deep Inside’, the ending theme to anime series ‘Kingdom’.


01. Deep inside

02. 10 years (https://youtu.be/1XEExWGHwXs)

03. Dead Joke

04. Still awake

05. All Our Wishes

06. No pride in them

07. Landscapes and Memories

08. Bitterness

09. Beyond the ocean (https://youtu.be/bGokF7DmWBg)

10. Boring talk

11. July 31

12. In my veins

13. Music is Music

14. The last goodbye

15. Grateful song (https://youtu.be/BB709SDo50Q)

waterweed profile

waterweed have evolved their sound over the course of their journey, beginning with roots in melodic hardcore. Even before the widespread recognition of genres such as post-hardcore or screamo, they have been a leader of the scene. They were embraced by Asia's hardcore scene, and began to tour in Asia, leading them to sign with British hardcore label Lockjaw Records and regular releases in the UK. In 2018, they completed a successful tour across five countries in Europe, including the UK, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Germany, with shows at the Manchester Punk Festival in England and Burning Ramp Festival in Germany.

Official website:


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Live info (Japan dates):

waterweed―Deep inside Tour 2021

26 upcoming concert dates across Japan! Check the official website for details.

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