Announcing: Get Over -Jam Project The Movie- [complete Production Run Limited Edition] Blu-ray Early Pre-order Customers Only Online Event for Overseas Fans

JAM Project is to hold an online event aimed at fans outside Japan to celebrate the release of GET OVER -JAM Project THE MOVIE- [Complete Production Run Limited Edition] on Blu-ray.

Fans who pre-order (at full price) the Complete Production Run Limited Edition Blu-ray from animate International during the campaign period are able to enter a lottery to participate in the event.

Winning applicants will be invited to an online “air high-five” session with members of JAM Project over Google Meet. JAM Project hopes you all apply.

※Depending on future circumstances, this event is subject to change, postponement or cancellation.
■Event Details
JAM Project
GET OVER -JAM Project THE MOVIE- [Complete Production Run Limited Edition]
Blu-ray Early Pre-order Customers Only Online Event -OVERSEAS ONLY-
Date: August 9 2021 (Mon)
Platform: GoogleMeet
Time: Afternoon Block 12:00-14:00 / Evening Block 17:00-19:00 JST
※Successful applicants will be contacted with a Google meet URL & timeslot.
※Applicants cannot request or change their designated timeslot.

Event Details: Air High-Five Session via Google Meet
■How to apply for the lottery:
If you wish to apply to attend the online event, please enter and save the text "ONLINE EVENT APPLICATION" in the "Order instructions" field on the cart page just prior to checking out.
○Eligible Product
[Blu-ray] JAM Project: GET OVER -JAM Project THE MOVIE- [Complete Production Run Limited Edition]
Release date: August 25 2021 (Wed)
Price: 13,000 yen
Catlog Number: LABX-38475~7
JAN: 4540774384754

○Eligible Store
Animate International

○Order Period
May 21 (Fri) 2021 - June 16 (Wed) 11:59PM (JST)

■The video communication service to be used is Google Meet. A Google account is required to use Google Meet.
●Create a Google account

●Google Meet

●Requirements for using Google Meet
※Please confirm in advance supported browsers, minimum system requirements, compatible operating systems, and broadband internet connection.

■Prize winners will be contacted with a URL and time to participate in a session.
●You must give Google Meet permission to access your camera and microphone.
※For more details, please see the “Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone” section in the “Requirements for using Google Meet” help page.
●Log into your Google account, then enter the provided URL in the Google Meet browser page in time for the session.
※Before participating in your session, you must check that your device is equipped for video calls (includes a camera etc.), and that these functions are working properly.
※It is your responsibility to participate in your session at your designated time. If you cannot for any reason (connection issues etc.), it will result in prize forfeiture. The session will not be rescheduled and items purchased will not be refunded or returned. Please make sure to prepare and be on standby for your designated time in advance.
※Please check that your device and viewing environment is suitable before your session.
※You may experience connection issues regardless of your device specifications depending on your network connection. We assume no responsibility for any faulty or failed electronic data transmissions.
※Participation in the session is restricted to the prize winner only. Note in advance that if any unauthorized persons are found to be attending the session, the call will be disconnected.
※Staff will be present during the session. Refrain from inappropriate speech and conduct. The call may be disconnected if staff judge the prize winner's behavior to be inappropriate. In this case, the session will not be rescheduled.
※For safety and security purposes the video call will be monitored and recorded in full.
※Please note in advance that the call will end when your designated time is up, even if you are still speaking.
※Please make sure to turn your camera on for the duration of the session.
※An internet connection is required to participate in the session.
※Any and all prize-related expenses, including without limitation data usage fees and device expenses, shall be the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
※Photos, screenshots, screen sharing, and screen and audio recordings during the session are strictly prohibited.
※We recommend you arrange to be in a location with a reliable internet connection.
・Prepare your network for Meet video calls
※We cannot guarantee the quality of the video communication if your connection is unstable.
※The prize winner is responsible for any data usage fees incurred by the call.
※Please arrange to participate from a quiet environment with a steady internet connection, such as your home.
※We assume no responsibility for any circumstances, including circumstances in your locality, that may prevent you from participating in your session.
※Please note in advance that clips or images from sessions may be made public.
※Individuals judged to be members of criminal organizations or groups are strictly prohibited from participating in this event.
※We will be taking measures to prevent the transmission of infectious and communicable disease and illness.
Depending on the infection rate at the time of the session, the artist may be behind and between sneeze and cough guard acrylic shields, or the artist may be wearing a mask, mouth shield, face shield or other protective item.
※If staff judge there to be indecent or inappropriate speech or behavior (including abuse, slander, inappropriate questions etc.), your call may be disconnected early and your prize will be forfeited.
※Depending on future circumstances, this event is subject to change, postponement or cancellation.
※The resale via auction etc. or transfer to third party of gifts, bonuses, signed items, session or broadcast URLs, bonus codes or viewing rights associated with this event is strictly prohibited.
※Please take care to enter full and correct order information. Failure to do so will result in an incorrect or incomplete application, which will mean we cannot send follow-up information about the event.
※We are exercising careful judgement regarding the COVID-19 disease situation. Please note in advance that this event may be cancelled or postponed.
※If for any reason the event must be cancelled, postponed or changed, you will not be able to request a return or refund of the items purchased.
※The organizers and performers do not bear any responsibility for any damages caused if for any reason the event must be cancelled, postponed or changed.
※If prize winners do not follow the rules as stated or the organizers judge there to be any risk, participation in the session may be revoked at any time.
※These points as well as information sent to customers is subject to expansion or change.
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